My Scarsgard is an actress known for her work in films such as Jim & Piraterna Blom (1987), Gomorron (1992) and Efter Tio (2006). She is also known as the ex-wife of actor of the 71. Emmy Awards , Stellan Skarsgard.

Born on the 3rd. July 1956 in Squid, Kalmar Len, Sweden, under the number My Sonja Marie Agnes, his trademark – cancer. She’s also a Swedish doctor by profession.

Marriage to Stellan Skarsgard

My Scarsgard is currently single, but has already had a marital relationship with a famous Swedish Emmy Award-winning actor.

Swedish actress My Skarsgard and her ex-husband Stellan Skarsgard were married for more than three decades before they broke up.

Who goes out with whom ?

Figure: My Scarsgard and her ex-husband Stellan Scarsgard
Source: Who goes out with whom?

After a meeting in April 1974, Stellan and I finally made the decision on the 27th. April 1975: the wedding knot. Relatives of the bride and groom and good friends attended the wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, the couple was killed on the 1st day. In May 2007, after 32 years of marriage, he was officially divorced.

Ex-Pair Scarsgard after divorce

After a legal separation from Stellan, mine is reportedly single. However, her husband, actor Stellan, remarried two years later with his second wife, Megan Everett,. She is a famous film producer and screenwriter, known in children’s books as Forbidden at Zoo.

Biography of a married man

Figure: Stellan Skarsgaard and Megan Everett
Source: Biography of a married man

Megan and Stellan planned the wedding ceremony on the 12th. January 2009. The couple are also the parents of two children, Ossian Skarsgaard, born on the 26th. April 2009, and Colbein Skarsgaard, Born 24. August 2012.

Stellan said that after his last child, eight years was enough for him. That’s why Stellan lives happily as a proud father.

Six of my children and Stellan’s children.

During the long period of the marriage this former couple was lucky to have five sons and a daughter. Alexander Skarsgaard is their eldest son, who was born on the 25th. August 1976 in Vallingbi, Stockholm, Sweden.


Figure: Six of my Scarsgard children with their father, Stellan Scarsgard
Source:. Glamour pat

His second child Gustav Skarsgaard was born on the 12th. Born in November 1980. She looks like the other kids: Sam Skarsgaard (born 5 June 1982), Bill Skarsgaard (born 9 August 1990), Aya Skarsgaard (born 27 February 1992), Walter Skarsgaard (born 25 October 1995).

They say: Parents are the ultimate role models for children, and every word, every action and every movement has an effect, and the children of Skarsgaard have proven that.

The six children of the former couple, Moi and Stellan, follow their parents’ protector and wait for Eia, who is now a former model. And others, including Alexander, Gustav, Bill, Sam and Walter, shine in Hollywood as film and television stars.

The youngest son, Walter Skarsgaard, is a television actor known for his role in films such as Kill a Child, IR and Arn – Kingdom at the End of the Road. The eldest son Alexander is also known for the role of the vampire Eric Northman in the HBO True Bloodseries.

Net value

As an actress My Scarsgard collects a lot of money for her acting career and she also has a very profitable bank account. Its net worth is approximately $ .500,000 from 2019. At the same time, she also receives income from her medical profession.

While the one with the 71. Emmy Award-winning actor Stellan Skarsgaard has a huge net worth of $ $40 million. In addition, he earns an annual income of $0.9 to $6 million while appearing in several successful films and television shows.


Hook: Son of my Alexander Scarsgard in Tru Blood with Ryan quanta
Source: movie

On the other hand, my eldest son True Blood Star, Alexander Skarsgaard, has accumulated the wealth of $12 million. And the second child, the wealth of Gustav Skarsgaard, is about 8 million dollars from 2019.

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