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American television producer Narvel Blackstock has found love three times in his life. According to pp. 6, Blackstock plans to walk down the aisle with his new girlfriend. Throughout his career Narwell has successfully led many musical artistic careers, such as that of Brooke Payne. But in his personal life it was hard to find success; maybe this time he will find it.

Farewell to his new lover, Blackstock is married to singer Reba McEnther, from the show . Who is this new love in her life? If you’re interested in the same thing, keep reading while we try to find out more about Narvel’s relationship.

Meet a good friend of your ex-wife!

The TV producer would have met one of Reba’s best friends. Narvel started dating a Laura Putty Stroud ( ), a real estate agent ( ), and according to some sources is madly in love.

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Figure: Narwell Blackstock (right) and his new girlfriend Laura Patty Stroud (left)
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Blackstock has known Laura for years because of his ex-wife. Laura is an expert in selling luxury properties in Nashville. While you are browsing through the Rebus’ Instagram, you see Laura on the pictures, which show how close they are to each other as friends.

Reba McEnther and Laura attended Katy Perry’s concert in 2014 in a colourful wig with a male friend. Some time ago, Stroud joined the Rebbe in the McEntire son race, Indy. During the race Laura took an art photo of McEntire for her Instagram.

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Frame: Reba McEnther (left) and Laura Stroud (right) with her friend at a Katy Perry concert.
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The charm for the third time!

Laura and Narvel take their relationship very seriously. Neither Laura nor Blackstock have revealed how their affair began. Because they’ve known each other for a long time, they may have gradually fallen in love with each other.

And that’s not all, according to PageSix, a couple that has been planning to get married for a while now. However, the torque has not confirmed when they will be glued together. Despite all the news about their marriage, the couple remained silent.

Instagram (@lpstroud)

Photo: Narvel Blackstock (left) and his girlfriend Laura Straud (right) at dinner.
Source: Instagram (@lpstroud)

Narvel didn’t reveal anything about their relationship, but some pictures on Laura’s Instagram page show that the couple is very much in love with each other.

McGanze Surprised Fans with divorce

In 2015 Reba went to her Facebook page to announce her divorce from her husband Narvel. This news came as a surprise to the fans. The couple closed the package on the 3rd. June 1989, after almost nine years of presence.

Reba and Narvel welcomed their son Shelby Blackstock in 1990, who is now a successful Indy Car Racer. The couple lived happily for about twenty-six years.

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Figure: Narvel Blackstock (left) and his ex-wife Reba McEnther (right)
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Despite the failure of the alliance between the couple, McEntire and Blackstock are still very good friends. You are a business partner and you run a company called Starstruck Entertainment. The music company manages artists such as Reba, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarksonand many others.

His first love

Before entering into a relationship with McEntire, Blackstock had already exchanged vows with Eliza Gail Ritter. Eliza and Narvel met on the 30th. March 1973 for an intimate ceremony. But the marriage of the duets could not be celebrated before the 31st. It should be noted that the operation lasted until 31 March 1988, when their association was terminated.

From his relationship with Elisa he brought three children, who are now also married. Thanks to the experience he has gained from two failed marriages, he can use it on his third marriage, when the couple sets a date for their big day.

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