The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) met for the 4th time on Wednesday. Dr. Dochia Kissei gave lectures in memory of the victims and called on nurses to actively participate in politics.

Colonel Vida Otoo (Rtd.), who made an appeal in Accra, said that nurses and carers should be politically active because they see politics as a way of protecting patients and shaping the care environment.

She noted that for years the nurses did not raise any political issues affecting their work because they did not respect the political and legislative processes.

She said that the political skills of nurses and midwives should be included in health care reforms and advocacy.

We need strength and courage to assert our will as individuals or groups, even against the opposition. It’s time for nurses and midwives to lead the restructuring of healthcare, she said.

Comment on the theme of Dr. Dochia’s memorial lecture : Politics, administration and the work of nurses and midwives in Ghana; the need for change, Kol Otoo said. Nurses must dare to influence and steer political processes in their own interests.

The late Dr. Docha Naki Kisseya was the head nurse, midwife and teacher in Ghana. She was the first Ghanaian citizen to become a chief medical officer in independent Ghana.

It has influenced revolutionary developments in nursing care and nursing education. In the 1950s she started teaching at the university and became the first nurse in Ghana to obtain a doctorate.

Kohl Otoo said nurses and midwives are disappointed with guidelines that affect nursing practice, especially when these guidelines have been developed by people with limited health knowledge and experience related to their profession.

If nurses and carers cannot deal with the issues that are important to them, those with a competitive interest in healthcare may be the only voices heard, she said.

It called on NAMRM leaders to commit to a review of health care structures to strengthen their representation at all levels.

Kohl Otoo stressed that the School of Nursing and Midwifery should include political education in its broad curriculum, with an emphasis on the development of policies and methods that influence political processes.

She encouraged nurses and midwives to do more research in their fields and said that research is not just for journals, but that we must continue to document and disseminate who we are, what we do and why it is important for patients, policymakers and to ensure meaningful health care for all.

Ms Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo, president of the MNRMA, said the conference is part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the association.

She said the theme of Dr. Dochia Memorial’s fourth lecture was supported by numerous calls to the union to consider portraits of non-nurse uniformed individuals sprayed on political party billboards, as well as student nurses and midwives who want to participate in political gatherings.

She stated that the negotiations for the improvement of the working conditions of the members of the Council had been completed and signed. All that remains to be done now is to continue running the association until 1 January. January 2021.

Ms Ofori-Ampofo explains that the MNRG will stop working on paper documents by January 2021 to ensure that its members can register online.

The COWID 19 pandemic did not spare us, partly because more than 800 of our members were infected in July 2020, three of whom died, she said.

She said the coronavirus was present, so everyone should keep an eye on their hygiene protocols and wear a mask.

The president of GRNM also called on political parties, traditional leaders and all Ghanaians to support peace in the upcoming elections.

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