Baby Nicole Boyd

When you hear the name Nicole Boyd, what comes to mind? Boyd is the wife of the famous American figure skater and stuntman Bam Marger. Most people remember them for their luxurious wedding, which took place in the far north of the island. Well, there’s some more interesting information you should know.

Nicole Boyd

Figure:, @nikkib124

Nicole Margaret is an American social media personality, model, actress, graphic designer and photographer, who gained great popularity through her marriage to Brandon Cole Margaret. Brandon is not only a professional stuntman, but also a TV presenter and director. It is also worth mentioning that Nicole Boyd Margaret should not be confused with Nicole Boyd, who was elected to the Mississippi Senate in the United States.

Profile Summary

  • Full name: Nicole Boyd Margaret
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Americans
  • Birthday: 24. January 1984.
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Family status: Married
  • Husband: Brandon Bam Margaret
  • Father: Warren Boyd Senior
  • Nut: Cynthia Boyd
  • Wire: Phoenix Wolf

Nicole Boyd from

Nicole Boyd Margera was born in La Mirada, California, USA, and is of Caucasian descent. Although little information is available about her childhood, there is not much to indicate that she holds a bachelor’s degree in science. The fact that she became the wife of former professional stuntman Brandon Cole Marger caught her attention.

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Margaret is the daughter of Warren Boyd Sner and Cynthia Boyd. She had a close relationship with her father until his death a few years ago. She also has a sister named Warren Michaels. The famous photographer nicknamed Nikki takes reading as a hobby, while she enjoys watching actors like Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson.

Nicole Boyd Instagram

Figure:, @nikkib124

Her sexy silhouette has always fascinated many, and the star photographer explained that she supports her sparkling body with intensive exercises, including strength training.

Raceway Nicole Boyd

Margera is a professional graphic designer and photographer. Previously she had a penchant for modeling and performed as an actress in the drama series Togetherness, which was released in 2015. Currently she is also the official photographer of her husband’s band.

Nicole family

In 2012, a professional photographer and her boyfriend at the time, Brandon Margera, started dating before they decided to take the next step in their relationship. In the end, the marriage of Nicole Boyd and Brandon took place on May 5. October 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland, on a large scale for thousands of people.

It is interesting to note that Brandon Margera, also known as Bam Margera, is known for his role in the film MTV Jackass. He was previously married to Melissa Rothstein, from whom he divorced in November 2012. In addition, as a visible and experienced actor, he has played an important role in various television series and films. Some of them are Unholy Union MTV Bam, Viva La Bam, Haggard:. Film, Minghagi: Filmand many others.

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Child Nicole

On the 7th. In June 2017, the couple announced on social networks that they are expecting their first child since their marriage in 2013. Out of excitement Margaret posted some pictures of a pregnancy attack on her social network. Then on the 23rd. In December of the same year a professional photographer gave birth to a sweater. The baby’s name is Phoenix Wolf.

For the inspiration behind the name, the proud mother said that she and her husband chose the name because they met at the Phoenix Theatre in California.

Baby Nicole Boyd

Figure:, @nikkib124

Nicole Boyd Net Assets

The TV personality’s wife has not yet made her current assets public. But even if his income is not confirmed, his net value is estimated at about $700,000. In addition, Nicole Boyd’s husband, Bam Margaret, would have an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Anniversary of Nicole Boyd

The 24th. January is an important day for Nicole every year, because she was born on that day in 1984. So Nicole Boyd is 35 years old.

Nicole Boyd Instagram

It will interest you to know that a photographer and a star actress have had an important influence on social media. With over 133,000 followers on the untested Instagram site, you’ll agree that it has amassed a significant number of followers.

On the platform, their posts are filled with exciting and fascinating things. As proof that she masters the art of photography, you can see the quality of the photos and the beautiful photos she uploads. There are no boring moments when someone visits your site, because there is always something unique that will interest several people.

Over the years, Nicole Boyd has had a career as a model, actress, photographer and influencer of social networks. Despite the fact that she wasn’t always pink, her decision to marry Brandon bam Marger contributed to her fame.

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