QVC Jacque Gonzales Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jacques was born on the 18th. She was born in August but the year is unknown to us, now we are still looking for her and we will share her with you as soon as she is born in Mexico and also has the American nationality. Her parents still live here. Her parents’ house is still in Mexico as of about 2017. She worked at QVC, then she went there sometimes, and was also music director when the cameras were out. Well, she worked with QVC in 2002.

Jacques Gonzalez Career data

When she began her career with QVC, she had spent nearly 18 years of her life in the industry. She previously worked at Universal Music Group as a manager, where she says she was responsible for promotion and marketing. After that, she realized it was time to get into the radio industry and play roles both in front of the camera and with her own camera.

Jacques wants to work with QVC, then she goes there in 2002 and says she’s a silver fanatic and more. She was chosen for that role when her role as a presenter in Honolulu caught the attention of the people and the CEO of QVC, who realized that she had an opportunity to play a role as a presenter on an on-air program. After working for many years, she suddenly announced in 2017 that she was leaving QVC and was no longer with them. Because she also said on her social media accounts that she had a lot of other important things to do, not QVC, so she was quitting a well-paying job. Long before she worked as a radio presenter, she had to communicate with celebrities.

Jacques Gonzalez Net cost

She was a well-known figure in the history of the radio industry. According to some sources, her net worth in 2019 was approximately $1 million and this net worth was earned by working at QVC for 18 years, she also earned it by working in other jobs outside QVC, these jobs are similar to music director and program director.

And as we all know, the average wage of a foreman is about $26,203 a year, and that income always depends on the experience of the worker, and also on her skills, because she was very expert in her field.

Jacques Gonzalez Marriage and dating information

While working at QVC, she met a man, Jim, who also worked at QVC, and she fell in love with Jim and decided that now was the time to get married. In 2002 she and Jim got married because they both belonged to QVC, most of their friends from QVC attended their wedding ceremony like Dan Hughes and Patti Reilly, who also attended Jim and Jacques Gonzalez’s wedding ceremony. After their marriage, they also had a child, their daughter Teresa who was born in 2012. Jacques was also the mother-in-law of Jim’s son Jimi who was born recently around 1990.

Why did Jacques Gonzalez leave QVC?

Well, when she was at the top of her career and she was being paid very well by QVC for this job, Jacques, but eventually, after she had worked for QVC for about 18 years of her life, she suddenly, or maybe in an interview, announced that she was going to leave QVC because she had other very important things to do and we don’t know what the real reason for her leaving was, but in our opinion, because she was suffering from breast cancer, maybe that was the reason she was leaving QVC. So we want to know more about it, so stay tuned for more information.

Measurements of the body of Jacques Gonzalez

Unfortunately, Jacques González’s exact date of birth is not yet known. Her height and weight are also unknown to us, she is not yet married, has only one child, is of Spanish origin and is an American citizen.

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