Reynolds Wolf Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Reynolds Wolf is a family man and a true icon of American current events. With his long experience on CNN morning shows and his award-winning career on The Weather Network, Wolf is the face that greets the public. When he’s not working as the QMA’s favorite weekend host, Reynolds is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys fly fishing.

Reynolds Wolf Bio: Age, Beginning of life, Education

Reynolds is 50 and comes in at 16th. March 2021 51 years. He was born in Charlotte and raised in Jamison, Alabama. He went to Jamison High School. In addition to graduating from Jacksonville State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree, he earned a degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Reynolds Wolf’s Career Details

Wolf has reported on significant instances in his time as a trusted meteorologist, including the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the devastating Hurricane Isaac on the 26th. August 2012.
Reynolds worked at these stations:

  • SMEV in St. Petersburg Louis
  • WKMG in Orlando.
  • Digital World War in Detroit
  • KXAN-TV in Austin
  • KSBY-TV in San Luis Obispo.
  • WJSU-TV in Anniston, Alabama.

Wolf is currently making a presentation at AMHQ Weekend. This is a very popular program from The Weather Channel that airs from 6am to 9am. Eastern time. Reynolds co-wrote it with Kelly Cass.

Net cost to Reynolds-Wolf

Reynolds’ actual net worth was not disclosed. In 2012, Wolf had an estimated net worth of $90,000. In 2020, the estimated value is about $1 million, but could go up to $5 million.

Reynolds Wolf Marriage details

Reynolds Wolfe has been married since June 2003 to his wife Erin Cogswell Wolfe, who loves him dearly. Erin from Commerce, Michigan. She studied journalism and dance at Michigan State University. She was a reporter for Central Florida News 13 and WEYI-TV. She was also a dance instructor at the Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center.

Reynolds and Erin dated for several years before marrying in an elegant ceremony. Reynolds is known for sharing his love for his wife on social media. He was enameled with statements such as: My kids are lucky to have Erin as a mom….

Reynolds Wolf Kids

The parents have four children, three daughters and a son. Reynolds is a family man, and we see him a lot when he’s on vacation with his family.

You can’t miss the celebrity gene in his youngest daughter. This little girl holds the title of Tiny Miss, a beauty pageant for talented three- and four-year-olds held annually at the Georgia State Fair.

Reynolds prefers privacy when it comes to his wife and children, but he is protective when it comes to the health of his daughter, Piper Wolf. Piper was four years old when she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects your ability to breathe. Reynold has been open about Piper’s condition and supports her every step of the way.

Reynolds Wolf Parents

Father: Bill Wolfe
Mom: Rowland Reynolds.

Bill Wolfe and Rowland Reynolds met in 1959 in Atlanta, Georgia, and married in 1965. They had three children. Reynolds Wolf is his second birth. Bill Wolfe was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009 and died on the 15th. April 2011. Rowland Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer after her husband’s death and died several years later.

Measurements of Reynolds Wolf’s body

Reynolds Wolfe is undoubtedly a television favorite that appeals to women from all walks of life. With his winning smile, brown eyes, and sandy brown hair, it’s no wonder Reynold makes an attractive face on screen. He was described as having a soft demeanor, prominent jaw and a positive attitude. There were rumors of weight loss, but Wolfe neither confirmed nor denied the news. Reynolds’ traits are intense training and a strict diet that matches his athletic physique. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Reynold makes exercise part of his daily lifestyle.

Wolf Reynolds Machinery and House.

Reynolds Wolf’s net worth is currently unknown and he is very cautious about his personality and public information. Because of his personal choices, we don’t know what he has.

All about Reynolds Wolfe

  • Reynolds and his family own a golden retriever named Beauregard. Beauregard accompanies
  • Reynolds participates in many of his fly fishing adventures and is a family favorite.


In short, Reynolds is a dedicated family man, an outdoor enthusiast and a weather wizard. Since 2006, Wolf has not only amazed observers, but also monitored weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods, showing courage in the face of Hurricane Isaac. Reynold’s Wolf continues to work at AMHQ every weekend to deliver accurate and credible news.


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