Royal Family News reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, have just completed a two-day tour of the UK, and let’s just say not everyone is happy about that. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to thank all the health workers, aid workers and those who have been on the front line during this pandemic, they have received a lot of criticism for what many people do not want at this time and during this journey.

If that isn’t enough, William and Kate were also seen without masks several times during the tour. Here are five reasons why Prince William and Kate Middleton should have considered this decision before moving to the United Kingdom. Take a look and let us know what you think.

#1 Taxpayers say it was too expensive.

Rail is still cheaper than air, but the taxpayer still has to pay a considerable pound. Because Prince William and Kate Middleton travelled in sneakers, stayed in hotels and of course had to skimp on wardrobe, hair and make-up. It really costs a lot of money to make such beautiful plates for someone.

#2 They could have raised it like any other.

Did they really have to spend that much money on the train when they could have just thanked the staff in the front line with Zoom? Although the gesture was certainly pleasant, many say it was completely unnecessary, as current events in the UK continue to escalate considerably.

#3 This could encourage other citizens to also violate the quarantine regulations

It is reported that many people in Wales have tried to use the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as an excuse to leave, despite the fact that everyone in the country has to comply with quarantine regulations to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This has prompted many leaders in Wales to say what everyone thinks, that William and Kate are not setting a good example here.

#4 Interstate travel is currently prohibited, except for work.

Many have turned a blind eye to William and Kate on their tour. Since press time it has been illegal to travel between states in the UK, except for business. While Buckingham Palace maintains that the Duke and the Duchess are actually working on the journey, some believe that the royal definition of what work is is different from what everyone else believes.

#5 According to some critics this tour only proves how useless the Royals are now.

Although everyone certainly has their opinion, especially when it comes to the British royal family, some point out that this tour has only proven how useless kings are at the moment. Although we disagree with such a statement, some critics say that simply walking around and thanking people on the front line for their work during a pandemic will not have a significant impact on everyone involved. Of course, the duke and duchess can always volunteer, but it would be a real job, wouldn’t it?

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