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Normandy potash

Norman Kali is an excellent specialist in film production. He is production assistant for the hit series ABC, Lost. You may remember him as the famous man of the Canadian actress Evangelina Lilly, who played Kate’s character in the same series.

Normandy potash

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Like many other husbands of famous people, the successful career of their partner is usually dwarf-like for them. However, if you follow the details of the film, you will see that Norman Kali is one of the most important players in the industry in Hollywood. There’s more than most people know.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Normandy potash
  • Year of birth: 1978
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Place of birth: Hawaii, United States.
  • Occupation: Production assistant, director and actor
  • Partner: Evangelina Lilly
  • Children: 2 (daughter and son)

Norman Kaliyears old

Norman Cali’s date of birth was given as 1978, but the exact details of when this happened are unclear. That would mean he’d be 41 years old by 2019.

Normandy lime films

Norman was always the one who knew early on what he wanted. He dropped out of school when he was 16. He had chores in his hometown. At the age of 18, he decided to move to Hollywood in search of a better future.

He’s done some things in the entertainment industry. This ranges from functional special effects to location management. There are a few films for which he has received a lot of praise. Although it is impossible to miss Norman Cali’s contribution to Hobbit , he has also been seen in other major films, among others:

  • Tears of the sun (2003)
  • Hobbit: Destruction of Smaug (2013)
  • Tropical Thunder (2008)

He has not only been praised by critics, but has also worked on other projects. He worked as a production assistant:

  • Dress
  • 50 Initial data
  • Big jump
  • Lost
  • north bank

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On the other hand, he was assistant director for the following films:

  • Lost
  • Coatings
  • Special Delivery
  • Prince of Car City

While working on the cameras, he played modest but unrecorded roles in The Hobbit and Off The Map. He was the Tears of The Sun site manager and assistant special effects designer for Tropic Thunder‘s. He is a versatile and talented man who can hold any position in the industry.


Norman Kali and the Gospel Gospel

Figure:, @DanWheatley4

Norman Cali met for 6 months the famous actress Lisa Edelstein of maison . Two splits, and Lisa said he was a great guy, they just weren’t good for each other. Only later, during the shooting of Lost , he met his current partner, and they came closer thanks to their love of nature.

Norman Cali and Evangelina Lily officially started their meeting in 2010. After a while, Evangelina moved to Hawaii to approach cast Lost and settle down with her partner. In May 2011 she gave birth to her first child, a son named Kahekieli. The boy’s name means thunder in Hawaiian.

While his attempt to hide his son’s details from the public failed, his daughter’s news was successfully hidden. Everyone knows she was born in November 2015. The couple doesn’t believe in marriage and likes to live together at the moment. However, they are open to the prospect of marriage for tax or health reasons. It is important for both of them that their children grow up in Hawaii.

Net value of Normandy potash

Norman’s net worth is pretty impressive. They say it’s worth $1.5 million. This amount stems from the various roles he plays in the entertainment industry. His partner is worth much more, which means that the total cost for the couple would be much higher.

Norman Cali proves that with hard work and determination everyone can have a successful career. University education may not be for everyone, but that does not mean that success cannot be achieved in all cases.


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