Santtu Seppala Shares Two Kids Of The Actress Wife, Sarah Rafferty

The famous American make-up artist Samantha Spano is a businesswoman. She is also popular as the former wife of WWE professional wrestler Randy Orton. Make-up artist Samantha became famous after the divorce of her ex-husband in 2013.

Who is Samantha Speno?

Samantha Speno was arrested on the 11th. Born January 1982 in Missouri, USA. So far she has reached the age of 37. Besides, she’s an American citizen and a white citizen.

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As far as her education goes, she graduated from Howell North High School.

In the beginning, Samantha was a gym teacher. After the wedding she started her career as a make-up artist. She is now both a famous make-up artist and an entrepreneur.

In addition, the star appeared in the television show Sunset Tan in 2007. Despite the fact that she was very good at her work, she did not gain much popularity for her work. But since she married a famous professional wrestler, she’s been in the spotlight.

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Currently she is also the owner of Stultify Incorporation, with the exception of the work of a make-up artist.

Samantha Speno is married with children

Regarding the status of the relationship, Samantha Speno is currently single. But she used to be married to Randy Orton.

A former married couple met for the first time in a bar. Looks like Randy fell in love with her at first sight, and the couple ended up dating.

Santtu Seppala Shares Two Kids Of The Actress Wife, Sarah Rafferty

Figure: Samantha Speno and Randy Orton.

After several months of dating, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. So the couple got engaged in 2005 and changed on the 21st. September 2007 during a private ceremony.

Santtu Seppala Shares Two Kids Of The Actress Wife, Sarah Rafferty

Figure: Samantha Speno and her daughter, Alanna Marie Orton

After a happy marriage, the couple met on the 12th. July 2008, his daughter, Alanna Marie Orton.

Samantha Speno Divorce

Samantha and Randy were very loyal in their relationship. Reportedly, they never made a mistake and there is no evidence of domestic violence. So how does her marriage turn into a divorce?

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Orton was a famous professional fighter. Because of his busy schedule, Orton has always had to stay away from his family. That’s why Samantha was usually alone. As a result, differences have arisen in their proper functioning, leading to their separation. They are officially divorced in June 2013.

After the divorce Randy married Kim Marie Kessler in 2015. Now Kim and Randy are together.

Net assets of Samantha Speno

During her career as a make-up artist and entrepreneur, Samantha has only built up a considerable amount of wealth. From 2019 it will be approximately 1 million .

In addition to his income, Speno receives $ $4,500 $4,500 a month from Orton as support in the event of a divorce. She also got a house, an engagement ring worth $99,000 and $645,000 in her bank account.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Randy Orton, has a total assets of about million for 2019. He makes money for his wrestling career.

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