Sasha Blakey is known as the loving wife of Michael Blakey. Michael is the musician and studio drummer for Tidal Force on Atico Records.

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  • 1 What is Sasha Blakey known for?
  • 2 Sasha Blakey: Age, biography, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity.
  • 3 Sasha Blakey: Professional acting career, stage performances
  • 4 Sasha Blakey: Net costs (2021) and salaries
  • 5 Sasha Blakey is married ? husband, children, marriage
  • 6 Sasha Blakey: Height, weight, eye color.
  • 7 Is Sasha Blakey active on the social media?

What is Sasha Blakey known for?

  • Michael Blakey’s wife

Sasha Blakey: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Sasha Blakey was born in 1980 and grew up in the United Kingdom. She doesn’t talk much about her parents or her childhood. Sasha is a British citizen, but her ethnicity is unknown. However, she has been interested in music since high school.

Sasha Blakey: Professional career as director, direction

There’s nothing in Sasha’s career

However, her husband Michael, who has returned from the United States with extensive musical knowledge as a junior drummer and as a music producer and promoter, has also turned his lifelong passion for the industry into his business.

Michael became the main music producer of the famous HansaTon studio in West Berlin and a full-time drummer. During his career, Michael successfully established 3 record labels, he was also involved in releasing a number of gold and atomic records with the number 78. He co-founded 2KSounds in 1999 and was one of the first to integrate the internet into their daily work of distributing music without pipes.

Signed: Sasha Blakey and her husband (Source: Getty Image)

He has also created and promoted music for various record labels and entertainment companies, and produced songs for movies and Disney’s Cinderella II.

Currently, he is also working with his company, Еlеestrа Stаr Mаnаgеmеnt, a Hollywood-based management company. With such a high income, the Blakey family now lead a very posh lifestyle, as did another musician, Alan Pownall.

Sasha Blakey: Net equity (2021) and personnel costs

Her husband Michael has a wealth of $60 million and the average salary of a music producer is between $72,000 and $108,000, so she could earn the same amount.

Signed: Sasha Blakey and her husband

In addition, Michael is often seen with various exotic cars and watch collections. He drives a Range Rover ($89,000), Rolls Royce Phantom ($450,000), Rolls Royce Wraith ($462,000), Ferrari 458 Italia ($91,775 – $428,335), Ferrari 599 GTB ($301,000), and Ferrari 599VX, also known as Pegasus ($301,000).

On the other hand, his house in Beverly Hills was put up for sale in 2013 with an asking price of $4.45 million. The 5951 square foot home has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, three terraces and large windows.

Is Sasha Blakey married? Spouse, children, marriage

Sasha has been happily married to her faithful husband, Michael Blakey, for 11 years. The couple exchanged vows in the presence of their loved ones in February 2008. The couple rarely appear in front of the media as they keep their private lives secret.

The couple has a baby daughter whose true identity has not been revealed by the media.

Signature: Sasha Blakey and her family (Source: Medium)

Sasha Blakey: Length, weight, colour of eyes

She’s 5’8″ and weighs 55 pounds. She is also 34-26-39 inches tall and has light brown eyes and light brown hair.

Sasha Blakey is active on social media?

Sasha doesn’t seem to be active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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