Like every area in online marketing, the topic of “SEO” has changed a lot in recent years. Google has made some relevant updates over the past few years. These updates were hotly debated and in quite a few cases led to major losses in terms of keyword placements on various websites.

The good news: websites that did not use any “tricks” in their SEO measures were hardly affected negatively – in many cases even positively – by these changes. Because from Google’s point of view, these updates to its own algorithm are not about arbitrarily punishing any website operators. Rather, it was about the websites that got their good rankings only with questionable “SEO tricks” to displace the top places.

Because the focus of Google are the users. The best results should be presented to them as quickly as possible. When you consider that billions of searches are made around the world every day, no easy feat. The yardstick for Google is the content – i.e. the content – on a website. Because good content guarantees answered search queries and, conversely, satisfied users.

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How good content marketing affects your own SEO

It should now be clear that good content can be beneficial for your own SEO rankings. The next step is to define what exactly is meant by “good content”. The writing style? The length of the text? The combination of the words used? Somehow a little everything!

But: SEO and content are only related where the content actually deals with search queries made by the users! This point is extremely important and ultimately decides whether you can attract the desired target group to your own page with your own content. This also explains why many companies, despite having a regularly updated blog, cannot attract users to their own page.

From Google’s point of view, content is only good if it provides specific answers to specific questions. It’s not just about answering the target group’s questions in detail. In addition, the correct words must be chosen. Otherwise, Google cannot assign its own text to the respective search phrase and thus cannot display its own content.

Relationship between content and SEO – here both areas go hand in hand

So if you go into the so-called keyword research with the “SEO glasses”, it usually becomes clear quite quickly which word combinations your target group is looking for. Above all, it becomes clear which special words are used to search. This is especially important to understand as there is a big difference between how the company talks about its own solutions and how the potential customer searches for the solutions.

Once you have done your work in iamdigitalninja seo in delhi, you can start with content marketing based on these results. So there is a connection between SEO and content marketing in that, without intensive research, the wrong content is supposedly produced.

As a rule, good content also leads to the reader staying longer on your own page. This in turn is beneficial for your own “SEO”, since the length of time users spend is an important ranking factor for Google’s search engines . If your own content is particularly valuable, it can also happen that other websites link to your own contributions. Content marketing is therefore an effective way to promote your own link building . This also promotes your own SEO rankings.

Last but not least, a well-kept blog suggests to the Google “crawler” that new content is regularly published on your own site. At this point, too, there is a direct link to the user experience of the searcher on Google. Ultimately, Google would like to present content that is as current as possible – provided it is of high quality. Companies that regularly produce fresh content use content marketing effectively to get their own company’s SEO values ​​in motion.

Building backlinks: 15 tips on how to get backlinks!

Building backlinks is not a hexagon. In this article, I’ll show you simple (and not so easy) ways to professionally create a good backlink profile for your website.

Before we start, a quick note on what backlinks are and why we should get backlinks.

Backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites. And the more high-quality backlinks lead to your website, the greater your chances of ranking well in the search engines.

The idea behind this is simple: Google needs proof that your article is “good”. After all, Google wants to provide its users with the best possible search results. An article seems to be good if it is recommended by readers. And this recommendation is made via a link (reference) to the article.

As a result, backlinks play a huge role in search engine ranking. The big advantage for Google is that backlinks are quite difficult to manipulate and thus show comparatively reliably whether the content of an article is good enough to be recommended by others.

Most SEO experts therefore agree: for a good ranking you have to build backlinks.

However, it must also be noted that the ranking factor “backlink” has suffered somewhat in recent years. Basically, the idea that a link would be a positive indicator of a good Internet presence was a great thing. But now the quality and popularity of a website cannot be measured solely by the quantity of backlinks.

That may have been true in the early days of Google. But organic link building takes a long time – and has become almost impossible in some industries. This is why most SEO experts have gradually started looking for artificial ways to get backlinks. As a result, the quantity of backlinks is no longer decisive, but rather the quality of the backlinks has a positive effect on the ranking.

Note: You can find all details about backlinks, anchor texts and link quality in my post: “ What is a backlink? “.

The search engines constantly adapt the algorithms in order to better evaluate links and to punish “unnatural” link building. But don’t worry: it is our job to ensure the best possible “natural” link building. Then nothing can happen to us! And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Now let’s look at how you can “naturally” build good backlinks – without being penalized by Google.


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