Shannyn Sossamon has raised her two children as a single mother.

Emmy Award-winning meteorologist Shanna Mendiola from the Philippines has built an excellent reputation and success in the world of weather forecasting. She is currently working on the morning news NBC4, today in Los Angeles, which will be broadcast from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. in the United States, Southern California.

The reporter was killed on 27A9. October 1984, born in Iloilo, Philippines. As far as citizenship is concerned, she is Filipino and her ethnic origin is unknown. She also studied clinical psychology at Worcester College and later at the Virginia Consortium, where she completed her Ph.

Who is the other half of Shanna Mendiola?.

The 35moderator keeps the media or audience away from the most romantic or personal details. Shanna is very discreet when it comes to family outings, so her loves remain personal.

Shannyn Sossamon has raised her two children as a single mother.

Figure: Shanna Mendiola and Brian Tong from Universal Studios Hollywood
Source: Whistling @Braintong

Mendiola is said to be in a love blue relationship with Brian Tong of CNET According to Twitter Brain, she and her potential boyfriend often come together in many news stories and programs. Tong often posted a nice picture of Shanna with the TV host on his Twitter account.

This couple recently visited Star Wars :. Resistance reaction at Disneyland Park this Saturday, 2020. Therefore, according to the former CNET-host, we can assume that this couple already exists since 2014. However, the romantic union of these two personalities has not been confirmed.

Professional career in television

Shanna started her career as an intern and worked for several broadcasters: KGO-TV, KDVR, KTVZ-TV and KVGN . Over the course of her career, she has also made numerous trips to various destinations, including California, San Francisco and Denver.

Shannyn Sossamon has raised her two children as a single mother.

Photo: Shanna Mendiola and co-authors
Source: Instagram @shannanbcla

From 2020, Award-winning journalist Emmy works as weather forecaster for NBC4. She is dedicated to her career and her normal working day starts at 2:00 am when she examines NBC. It uses many technological devices such as Doppler weather radar and a mobile weather station NBC4xCaster.

How much does the Shann Mendiol cost?

Shanna Mendiola is an American meteorologist with a rather impressive net value of 1 million at 2020. Shanna’s real source of income is her professional career as a street and weather forecaster.

In addition, her annual salary is estimated at $70,516, while other employees, including Carolyn Johnson, . Stefan Holtund Carolyn Johnson, got the same salary.  Thanks to her hard work in NBC4she won the Emmy for El Nino :… Current from to changes to 68. Los Angeles Region Los Angeles Emmy Awards to 2016, with colleagues.

Shannyn Sossamon has raised her two children as a single mother.

Photo: Shanna Mendiola organized the opening of the official BTS world tour at
Rose Bowl Source:. Instagram @shannanbcla

And that’s not all, Mendiola is the winner of Denver City Version Dancing with the Stars . She won a prize of $ .7000, , which she donated to the Animal Center for Blind Children.

In addition to a career in television, she spends most of her time on community service and helping Filipino children with vision problems to encourage them to pursue a career as a meteorologist.

Keep looking for the biography of NBC4 ‘S Anker.



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