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Shannon Marie Cahololani Sosamon, also known as Shannon Sosamon, is a famous American multi-professional in show business. She’s an actress, director and musician. However, she is best known for her participation in films such as Knight’s Tale , Knight’s Attraction Rules and Kiss Kiss Explosion.

The famous actress Shannin was born on the 3rd. October 1978 in the year , in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, born under the sign of the equilibrium of the sun. Her ethnicity is also white and she is American.

Current marital status: Single

Actress Shannin, 41, could be a single woman since 2019 because she has never been seen with a man. Right now, she’s hiding her private life. Anyway, she’s one of those actresses who are very active in their love lives.

Her data shows that she has had and even lived a love affair with many people. Let’s look at their relationship and their business.

History of first dating

Shannin Sosamon had a relationship with more than five men. She first had a relationship with actor Andre Benjamin. However, she did not disclose details of her first parents.

Who goes out with whom ?

Figure: Shannin and her ex-boyfriend Andre Benjamin
Source:. Who goes out with whom?

She had a relationship with the Paolo Capella. They started dating in 1998 and broke up in 1999.

The warmth of love continues

Shanny is later dated Dallas Clayton, who is an artist, writer and author of children’s books. They started meeting in 2002 and their relationship lasted two years. Probably because of his previous novel she broke up with him in 2004.

Who goes out with whom ?

Photo: Shannin and her boyfriend at the time, Dallas Clayton
Source:. Who goes out with whom?

After her departure from Dallas she remained in a relationship with the singer of the rock band Eugene Gorescher, Autolux. They were seen together in 2006, but haven’t been seen together since.

Who goes out with whom ?

Figure: Shannin and its ex, taiga
Source: Who goes out with whom?

Between 2005 and 2006 there were rumors that she had slept with Joaquin Phoenix, a popular American actor and producer. She also had a love affair with the actor and musician Tig Runyan. According to Who meet, who, they attended the school’s 67th session together. Venice Film Festival. Shannin also dated of Richard Purseur in 2011.

Mother of two children

Shannin is a beautiful actress and proud mother of her two children. The 29th. In May 2003 she gave birth to her first child, a son named Audio Science Clayton, together with her then boyfriend, Dallas Clayton.

Children's party underwear

Photo: Shannin with one of his sons
Source:. Holiday underwear for children

She also shares a child with her ex-boyfriend Richard Purser. They welcomed their son, Mortimer Kaufmann , in December 2011. As long as she raises her sons well and leads a happy and lonely life.

What is Shannin Sosamon’s ability?

Shannin’s net asset value is estimated at approximately $3 million in 2019, which is approximately equal to the value of Kate Laiben. She’s raising a huge amount of money for her acting career. To date she has appeared in more than 25 films, including The Tale of the Knight , 40 Days and 40 Nights, Sinister Sin 2, and , Holiday.

Not only in movies, but so far she has appeared in more than 15+ TV shows.

Movies Species composition
The history of the knight $117,487,473
40 days 40 nights $95,146, 283
Loss 2 52,882,018

So, if she plays in such big blockbusters with famous actors like Melissa Gilbert, she could get a good salary for her acting career. It also enriches its wealth through support and publicity activities.

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