Denise Lombardo is a name known to all fans and supporters of the eminent Jordan Belfry. Jordan is a famous American writer, successful stockbroker and a popular speaker who has been behind bars for almost 22 months. She was once married to Jordan Belfort, and although they are no longer together, many people still want to know more about her.

Denise Lombardo Vicky Bio, age, ethnicity

Denise Lombardo was killed on the 11th. Born in November 1963, daughter of her parents Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo. She is also an American citizen and of Caucasian descent.

Lombardo is Deanna’s third girlfriend, Lisa Scordato and herself from her parents and her only brother Paul Lombardo. She also grew up in New York City and went to high school there.

Denise Lombardo Education Details

For further training she studied at the University of Adelphi from 1980 to 1984, with an emphasis on English literature. She also went to the Institute of Fashion Technology, where she was enrolled in the École supérieure de marchandisage et de vente. In addition, Denise is able to speak Italian and German during her training. From her parents she chose the Italian side.

First man Denise Lombardo

Jordan Belfort is Denise Lombardo’s ex-husband. Jordan Belfort is a famous American writer, former stockbroker, screenwriter and best motivational speaker. However, he spent almost 22 months in prison for stock market fraud and money laundering.

It also made millions from its investment in Stratton Oakmont in 1990. However, since he started selling shares in 1987, he has made millions illegally.

In 1999 Belfort pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering, and in 2003 he was sentenced to four years in prison, but only served 22 months.

Jordon Belfort has been married more than twice. After she broke up with Denise, Jordon married her lover Nadine Karidi.

Denise Lombardo Marital life

Denise wasn’t a gold digger, she was just a girl in love. When she met Jordan, they were still in high school, which eventually led to a marriage in 1985. Denise then studied the sales and purchasing activities, while Jordan worked in some meat company. Not only were they not rich at the time, they were also almost bankrupt, but soon these two young men rose from the ashes like the phoenix. Belfort started his career on the stock market and earned about $3 million in just one year. When Jordan got the money, he didn’t find his wife that interesting anymore.

Privacy Denise Lombardo

Lombardo became very popular because of his marriage to Belforth. But the love affair didn’t last long and in 1991 they split up. Then Denise marries her friend Mladie. Since she separated from Jordan Belforth, she has been focusing on her career and is a little reluctant.

Denise’s private life has not always been the same as her professional life and is generally the focus of media attention. It began with his marriage and divorce in Belfort; later aspects such as his remarriage and his personal life were questioned. The blockbuster Wall Street Wolf 2013 presents the life of Belfort and his two wives. In the film the versatile actress Christine Milioti plays the role of Denise. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belforta and Margot Robbie plays Nadine Caridi.

Denise Lombardo net expenses

Apparently little is known about Lombardo after his failed marriage to Jordan. However, her work as a salesperson and floor specialist and her work in the real estate sector have contributed significantly to her net assets. It has been known in the industry since 1993 and has accumulated more than $3 million. Her successful career is an important source of her wealth, but she has benefited greatly from the divorce settlement.

Interesting facts about Jordan Belfort

This gentleman spends a lot, but he also earns a lot. According to information on the Internet, one day he had a hotel bill for $700,000. He likes an extravagant life. He also said he made love to one of his wives on a pile of $3 million bills. It’s got a helicopter, a yacht and an office in Manhattan. If he had earned all this before his divorce from Denise, his net worth could be much higher than expected.



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