Short story about ex-professional soccer & Ian Wright’s wife Nancy Hallam, kids

Grant Thompson is a Canadian-American YouTuber who owns the popular King of Casualties station. He died on the 29th. July 2019 at the age of 38 in a tragic paragliding accident in Utah His net worth is estimated at $6 million, and his YouTube channel has 11.3 million followers. His video contains many random and risky projects that lead their lives through all kinds of experiments and hacking.

Thompson Net grant equivalent

This internet personality has received millions in revenue from his YouTube channel by experimenting with videos, hacking, etc. Thompson’s net assets inwere estimated at $6 million.

Short story about ex-professional soccer & Ian Wright’s wife Nancy Hallam, kids

Grant Thompson leads a life of luxury.

According to some sources, his annual income is $800,000. The YouTube channel, King of Radom, has 11.3 millionsubscribers, 2.3 billion video views and is considered the 321st largest channel in the world. Channel marked with the highest number of YouTube subscriptions. The station receives an average of 1.2 million visits per day. This would likely monetize the site and receive about $2,200 a day ($800,000 a year) in advertising.

Grant Thompson YouTube channel, King of Radom, has 11.3 million subscribers“2.3 billion video footage.

His video How to Make a LEGO Gummy Candy! (How to make a LEGO candy!) has been viewed more than 26 million times and enjoyed more than 300,000 times. In 2018, Grant spent most of his time with his family and worked behind the scenes, leaving his co-star Nate to run and manage the station.

The beginning of Thompson

The award of the King of Accidents was made on the 21st. November 1980, born in Canada. Information about these parents who are now missing. He has a brother named Mark Thompson who confirmed his cause of death in a TMZ article. He finished high school. Later he took drama courses at the HND and also took courses at the Falkirk College of Further and Higher Education.

Who was Grant Thompson married to?

The late Grant married his loving wife on the 21st. March 2010. His wife’s name will not be revealed.

This couple can often be seen together on the photo he took with his children on his Instagram. The 21st. In March 2018 the couple celebrated 11 years of living together.

How many children have watched YouTube Thompson?

He and his wife have four. On his official website he first claims to be father and husband, then YouTuber, which proves his unconditional love and affection for his family.

A year before his death, he went from the headliner of his YouTube channel to his co-star to have fun with his family.

Life outside the camera

King of accidents Thompson was a pilot and created a real public enterprise. He worked in Hawaii in the airfreight expedition. And he also made a reasonable amount of money through Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

This adventurous type has participated in many sponsorship deals, such as Audible, Hello Fresh, Flex Volt and others.

Charging, explosion at Thompson house

The 24th. In August 2017, there was an explosion at Thompson’s house. During the research, he said he had a channel on YouTube, where he made films, scientific experiments, including explosions, reports He also claimed that his friend had left him an unknown bag of gunpowder, which he thought was fireworks. With Timothy Burgess, the duo decided to first ignite the powder in small batches. But unfortunately, according to the prosecutor, the explosion threw small flaming particles into the air, some of them embedded in Burgess’ leg and arm by burning a few hairs. The fireman sent a flame. He was then charged with possession of two explosives and Timothy with possession of another.

In the same way, in January 2018, he was again accused of possession of explosives. An interested citizen told the police that he had made bombs with dry ice in the garden and then recorded them on video.

Cause of death / How did Grant Thompson die?

The 5 Feet 11 inch Youtuber Thompson model died on the 29th. July 2019 in a paragliding accident.

He was only 38 years old. His family filed a missing persons report on Monday because he didn’t come back from his trip. Agents located the GPS tracker and found his body Tuesday morning at St. John’s. St. George’s.

All about Grant Thompson

  1. His full name is Jonathan Grant Thompson.
  2. He and his mistress have four children.
  3. In addition to his career on YouTube and the King of Casualties Channel, he was an airplane pilot and worked in airfreight in Hawaii.
  4. He was inspired by the video material Kipkai made for Make Magazine.
  5. He has good relations with Taras Kulakov, alias CrazyRussianHacker.
  6. Jerry Rig also worked with him on his YouTube channels.
  7. One day there were rumors that his sexuality was lesbian, but these rumors were later confirmed as a hoax because he married a woman and was lucky to have four children.

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