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Stamper is an American YouTuber, voice artist and presenter. He is also known as the narrator of the Battle Scene of Blocks. In addition, the StamperTV YouTube channel reached 319,000 subscribers.

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Why is Stamper famous?

  • He is an American Youtuber, voice actor and presenter.
  • For his YouTube channel.

Punching machine: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Stamper was born on the 8th. March 1983, born Will Andrew Stamper. Since then, Will has been 37. He’s from Bethesda, Maryland. So far, he has not revealed any details about his parents. His nicknames are Stampede and Postman.

Stamper is an American citizen and white Caucasian by ethnicity. He grew up in several places, including Oklahoma, Alaska and the United Kingdom. Since he did not speak of his brothers and sisters, it seems that he is the only child of his parents. Will pierced his chin and also his ear.


He dropped out of high school and college and had several jobs, including at a telemarketing company, Walmart, Pizza Hut and as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman.

Punching machine: Professional directing Career, directing

He started as a web and media designer at Newgrounds Inc. and worked there for 10 years. On 17 2008, he founded YouTube, which had 319,000 subscribers that day. His first video was titled Zephyr Smiles – Drive-In Blews, which has over 466k to date.

Other well-known videos include Marshmallow Smiles – Chow Town, Marshmallow Smiles – Mr. Rose’s Dance Academy and StamperTV – Like a Pisces.

In addition, StamperTV – Fairy Wish Prince has 5M views, FAT REFUND (Stamper + Egoraptor + Marc M. + Ricepirate), THOR CANDY and Breakfast with Sushi are other popular videos on his channel.

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He is also the narrator of BattleBlock Theatre, developed by The Behemoth and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360, Windows, Mac and Linux.

In 2019, he lent his voice to Sir Pukes in the television series Hotel Hazbin. He has also played with Smart Guys, Sleepy Cast, Hellbleders and many others. He played the character of Marco in the episode Public Relations and Development. He also collaborated on characters like Dragonzball PeePee, Winggardium Leviosa, Yu-Gi-oh! The heart of my cards. Similarly, he brought the characters Ice King and Prince of Industry to life after giving them voice in the video game Castle Crashers.

Punching machine: Equity (2021) and personnel costs

A YouTube star and voice-over artist, his net worth is estimated at $15,000. The channel has an average of 13,8,000 daily video views and 71 new subscribers.

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Stamper is married? Woman, children, marriage

Will may be single, but he’s still focused on his career, not his love life. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He was also quite withdrawn in his personal life. So we don’t have enough information about his past relationships.


He revealed that he left SleeyCabin on good terms after announcing his departure from the team. Within 15 minutes of his announcement, a scandal sheet appeared online, spreading conspiracy theories and rumors, only to make the official announcement, revealing that he was the one who died in the SleepyCast cast.

Punching machine: Length, weight, colour of eyes

He’s six feet tall and doesn’t have much hair on his head. However, her hair is black and her dark brown eyes add charm to her face.

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Is Stamper active on social media?

Will has Instagram with 1,314 subscribers, and he has a verified Facebook username, @StamperTV, and has over 29,000 subscribers. StamperTV also has 319,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

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