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Cold Stone Steve Austin (born December 18, 1964)

Steve Austin is a retired American wrestler and actor. In battle, he used the name Cold Stone Steve Austin. He is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history. He started the posture era in the WWE. Steve Austin is a six-time world champion. He is praised as the greatest fighter in the history of the WWE. He played with The Rock and Hulk Hogan on WrestleMania XXX.

Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas. He was born Steven James Anderson. Austin had a small problem with USWA in 1990. That’s when he got a ring in Steve Austin’s name. Around the same time he got the nickname Stunning. Steve Austin signed with the WCW in 1991. He has won many major titles in the WCW, including the American Heavyweight Championship. He was fired in 1995 by Eric Bischoff. Paul Heyman worked with Austin too late to compete in the extreme wrestling championship. There he develops the Coldstone character, which will become his synonym. He was asked to win the heavyweight world championship, but he refused. In 1996 Steve Austin joined the WWE as a War Master. However, he did not like the Ringmaster gadget and asked for a character change. In 1996 he won the King of the Ring Tournament. After beating Jake Snake Roberts in the finals, he used the expression Well, Austin 3:16 says I just kicked your ass. It’s become one of his slogans. He started arguing with Bret Hart for a year. He won the Royal Rumble competition in 1997. It was the first of his three victories over the Royal Rumble. He then started his most famous fight with Mr. McMahon and became the antihero. He won the WWE championship for the first time at WrestleMania XIV and defeated Shawn Michaels. He and Mike Tyson had a bit of a fight and then became allies. He then led the WWE most of the time during the takeover of WCW. He then formed the Two Man Power Journey with Triple H and McMahon. Then he fought the brethren of destruction. He had an argument with the NWO at the time. He left the company in 2002 but returned in 2003. He hit a rock at WrestleMania XIX. It was his last match in the WWE. He quit the fight because of a knee injury. Since then he has appeared in WWE as director, advertiser and legend. Steve Austin has always kept his famous beer figure with him. The Badassa, a beer drinker, is considered one of the greatest wrestlers in history. He had a beer with the good guys at the WWE and followed it with a dizzying spell. His bewilderment is an epic gesture in battle. Stone Cold Steve Austin was included in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Steve Austin continued with a successful film career. He is only known for his roles in action films. Nobody’s gonna pay to see Austin’s comedies. The bad wrestler remains the bad guy in the movie. He appeared in The Longest Yard, Expendables, Reel and Maximum Detention. In 2009, Steve Austin legally changed his name to Steve Austin. He’s currently married to Christine. He was previously married to Catherine Burrus, Jeannie Clark and Debra Marshall.

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