Police chief Imam Hussain Abdul Rahim Hussain, the head of Islam, called on Zongo’s leaders to support the police to guarantee peace before, during and after the general election.

He explained that the community, as an interested party, should support the police by providing the necessary information and involving the people in the community to do their best to keep the peace during and after the elections.

In his speech at a forum organized by the National Council of Zongo Chiefs (NCZC) in cooperation with the STAR Ghana Foundation, he said that the police would do their utmost to ensure peaceful elections, but that the chiefs should do their best to preserve peace in their communities.

The forum, which aimed to involve the leaders in discussions on how to ensure peaceful elections in the various communities of Zongo, focused on the issue of peace before, during and after the general elections of 2020.

Soup. Hussain said it is important that the leaders who are the protectors of the communities go beyond the discussions and make sure that after the discussions they use what they have heard in practice to ensure peaceful elections
He said that some communities in Zongo have been identified as ‘hot spots’ and that the leaders have the power to control the people and talk to them because God has given them this power to ensure peace at all times.

He called on them to see themselves as ambassadors for peace and to try to identify, contact and communicate all groups within the political parties in order to keep the peace.

The head of the PR department of the NCZC, Imoro Baba Issa, said that Ghanaians, especially the youth of the different political parties, should put Ghana’s interests above all other interests.

He said we must help Ghana to achieve a respectable image and not destroy it. These elections should not be a matter of doing or dying, because elections come and go, but Ghana will remain a country. ”

Usually elections are won in a polling station, he said, so parties should strive to send expert, knowledgeable and experienced people to polling stations to minimize post election tensions.

Imam Issa called on his colleagues in the regions to send a peaceful message to their people and take the lead in efforts to reduce tensions as they arise.

Ibrahim Tanko Amidou, Executive Director of the Star Ghana Foundation, said that elections are very important to enable citizens to exercise their civil rights and determine who makes decisions in the country and what progress we want to make.

He noted that Muslims are over-represented among those involved in the violence and very few among the beneficiaries of the elections.

He said that the chiefs are the protectors and those who unite the communities. So it is their duty, their rights and their religious duty to say that there are higher values and ideals to fight for if you want to fight for, not for what the president is. You can fight for your principles and ideas, but when it comes to bloodshed, every Muslim has to think twice before he does.

Tanko said Star Ghana expects heads of state and government to make a difference and make it a starting point by 2020.
It’s time to say no. We will no longer be needed, but we want to make our voice heard on the issues that lead to the development of our communities. We need jobs, medical facilities and development.

Let’s not use our youth to make stories without getting anything, but let’s work together to promote the development of our Zongo communities.

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