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Kelly Rebecca Nichols is an empowerment trainer based in Austin, Texas, with over twenty years experience in the broadcast and media industry. She is also the ex-wife of conspiracy theorist and radio presenter, Alex Jones.

Born on the 2nd. July 1968, under the sign of cancer in Travis County, Texas. Kelly is the daughter of Sandra Kay and Edmund Lowe. She has two siblings, James Edmund Nichols Jill Elizabeth.

Relationships and business

Kelly, a 52-year-old animal rights activist, likes to stay away from the media. The current state of their relationship is unclear. She is probably alone, and spends her time as director of Public and Media Relations at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a large non-profit organization.

Kelly doesn’t seem to be in a romantic relationship, as recent reports show. Kelly tries to keep a low profile in the tabloids and other media, so there’s no concrete evidence that she’s seeing anyone.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones

Although Kelly is now single, she is married to Alex Jones, the famous radio presenter and conspiracy theorist of the . The couples got to know each other before they became famous and they bonded when Alex started his company in 2007.

Kelly and Alex seem to lead an idyllic married life, like another conspiracy theorist, Dinesh d’Souza , because Kelly helped his wife a lot in her business ventures. However, all this persistence seems to have had a negative effect on the couple’s relationship. December 2013,, Kelly filed for divorce in connection with Alex’s alleged novel with Lee Ann McAdoo.

Signature : Source: Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones
: Daily mail

Everyone was shocked after the indictment, and even Alex always publicly denied his wife’s accusation that he was having an affair. But in 2015 the divorce will be pronounced and the lovers will split up. Before the divorce the couple had three children, a son and two lovely daughters.

Fighting for childcare

After his divorce, Alex moved in with his wife and handed over the keys to an impressive mansion in Austin, Texas, along with a staggering $3.1 million. For Kelly and Alex, their divorce was a huge and difficult custody battle, as three children went to Alex’s house for the first time. Later, however, thanks to Kelly’s efforts, the couple got joint custody of their son and two daughters.

After their agreement, Jones said he agreed with the lawyer’s testimony, but that he was against the media briefing, so he wanted full custody of their children. But the court gave Kelly the right to determine where her children live, while Jones reserved access.

Jones brainwashes his youngest son!

According to DailyMail , Kelly Jones claimed that her ex-husband Alex Jones often manipulated and abused her 15-year-old son Rex Jones. Their son Rex recently organized an arms debate with Parkland survivor David Hoggon his father’s ultra-right website Infowars.com .

Instagram @alexjones

Signature : Rebecca and Alex Son Rex Jones
Source: Instagram @alexjones

When she saw her youngest son fighting for his stupidity, she accused her ex-husband, Rex, of brainwashing him to get public attention. In one of her interviews she said

I am appalled and incredibly worried about my vulnerable underage son who has been put at risk by my ex-husband and is being exploited for judgment. I ask YouTube to remove these dangerous videos immediately. I’m talking to a lawyer and I’m about to make a videotape.

She threatened her husband with prosecution when he held a video podcast of Rex Jones in his father’s chair and blew up Hogg for his public campaign to strengthen U.S. arms laws.

Net Assets Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Speaking of Rebecca’s income, it is well known that a few years ago she received about 3 million and as part of her alimony. In addition, she earns about $43,0000 a month, while the ex-wife of Dinesh D’Souza Dixie Brubake could earn millions of dollars after the divorce.

The estimated value of Jones’ ex-wife’s assets is currently unknown. In an interview, Kelly said that her ex-husband was trying to destroy her financially. Moreover, it can no longer afford to hire a lawyer after a guardianship dispute. So she could have made millions, but today her financial situation is not very good.

On her website Kelly talks about her profession as an empowerment trainer, speaker and media activist.

See what Kelly thinks of Alex Jones’ behaviour!

No matter what a Hollywood celebrity wants to surround themselves with luxury. Similarly, Rebecca lives in an impressive mansion in Austin, Texas, which costs about $1.5 million. Your townhouse consists of a spacious garden with several butlers and a luxury swimming pool.

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