As the population is growing rapidly, there is almost no room for people in the general population, so the only solution is to build houses to be able to live at an extremely high level. This problem occurred at the beginning of the last century and the first large buildings were built in the middle of 1930. Since then, the idea of building the tallest or richest house in the world has penetrated the minds of engineers.

In this article you will find the most expensive skyscrapers in the world, according to the list drawn up by Emporis. You will certainly wonder what it is, which makes Emporis one of the most important and influential sources of information on construction processes in the world, as it is the largest database.

But before we quote the richest brick creations, we need to talk about the facts that affect the final cost and price.

Here they are:

There would be no reason to build a skyscraper in a small town far from the industrial centre;

2 – Materials; as there is currently a trend to keep the environment clean, the price of environmentally friendly materials will be all the higher;

3 – Facilities offered in and around the city. The more tools are introduced for the comfort of the guests, the higher the total cost will be.

These are the key points for the next identification of the most expensive skyscrapers in the world.

Well, here they are:

First place is taken by the One World Trade Center, based in New York, New York, USA.

Because it is huge and attractive for workers and tourists, a lot of money was needed to establish it. The price is estimated at $3.9 billion and is therefore at the top of our ranking. The year in which it was presented to the world is 2014, 3 years after the disaster that almost took place on the spot. The twins were on the same level as the mall. There is a staircase at the memorial of the firefighters who gave their lives to protect people from disasters. It’s the easiest way to remember it and never let it happen again.

The most expensive skyscrapers in the world

A World Trade Center, headquartered in New York, New York, USA.

Second place is shared by The Palazzo in Las Vegas and The Shard in London.

Both are worth $1.9 billion. The United States is a luxury and a unique character that distinguishes itself from all others. As far as the beginning is concerned, the story is about the palazzo. Even the name suggests his appearance. It offers hotel rooms, a casino, a large shopping mall – with collections of designer clothes – and even a theatre for the more conservative guests. Opened to the public in 2007, it claims to be Nevada’s largest entertainment and spa centre.

The most expensive skyscrapers in the world

Palazzo in Las Vegas.

A shard is a place where you can find everything you need for the perfect hobby. As the tallest building in the British capital, it provides space for offices, restaurants and hotels to provide visitors with the best facilities they need. It appeared in 2013, with a unique structure – energy-saving materials, which were used to save money, but especially nature, in the education of this brick child for man. Currently 30% less energy is needed than in other skyscrapers.

The most expensive skyscrapers in the world

The shard in London

The third phase of Taipei 101 is something the Taiwanese should be proud of.

It has been based in Taipei since 2004 and needs $1.76 billion for its construction. Here, among modern technologies, there are real national beliefs – we are talking about the cellar, which in the form of the number 8 is the happiest in Chinese culture. The Eastern world has traditions almost everywhere, which mainly relate to numbers. Among other things, it really attracts attention, especially on windy days, when it seems to be blowing with the wind – a bit scary, but impressive.

The most expensive skyscrapers in the world

Taipei 101

Finally, we can add that the world is developing rapidly and living conditions are improving from day to day to make a difficult life a little easier.

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