Ti Lung: Tommy Tam Phoo Wing is known as Ti Lang, an actor from Hong Kong. He is known for his many lead roles in the Brothers of Shaw series, including Brothers in the Blood, Intrigue Clans, Vengeance Eagle, The Duel, The Sentimental Swordsman and its sequel, and the classic John Woo Best Tomorrow.

Ti Lung was killed on the 19th. Born in August 1946 in Xinhui City, Guangdong Province, Republic of China. He received the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor, The Kid in 1999, the Golden Horse Award for Best Future Actor in 1986 and the Golden Bauhinia Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2007. His acting and comedy skills are truly commendable.

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Theelong in infancy:

Ti Lang learned Wing Chun under the guidance of martial artist Ju Wan. In 1968, he responded to an ad from the Shaw brothers after university and took part in the Shaw brothers’ drama classes. He was then hired for a second role in the film The Return of the Single Army Swordsman starring Jimmy Wang Yoo. His skills were immediately appreciated and he got the leading role in the Chang Chae impasse for the Golden Chang-Hun-Lin.

He quickly became popular because he was associated with David Chiang, Qu Feng, Alexander Fu Sheng, Chen Quan Tai, Yad Mon and the entire team of the Show-Ti-Lang brothers, who often appeared as great noble actors and skilled martial artists.

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T Prolonged Career Presentation:

After leaving his brother Shaw’s studio in the 1980s, Tee Jung’s career had its worst period until 1986, when Jong-woo starred in the movie Better Than Tomorrow for Chow Yun-Fat. The film was a great success and gave T Lang a new start in the public consciousness. Since then he made his most remarkable appearance with Jackie Chan in the film Drunk Master II, in which he was co-written as Wong Kei In.

From 1994 to 1995 Ti Lung played the role of Bao Zheng in the Hong Kong version of Pao Justice, a popular television series. His admirers even compared him to Jin Chao-chun/Commander China Bao Zheng. Ti Lung even worked with Andy Lau in the Three Kingdoms: The resurrection of the dragon and the legendary Guan Yu. From there Ti Lang continues to work in various roles in the show.

Personal life:

Ti Lang married the most beautiful queen and actress Tao Mangmin in 1980, and the couple gave birth to a son in 1980. Their first child, they called him Sean Tam Chun Yin. This is Uncle Jerry Lamba and Jan Lamba.

In 1973 Ti Lung won the 11th prize. Golden Horse Award for his outstanding performance in the film Bloody Brothers, in which he starred in Ma Cinil. He also received the 25th prize in 1979. Asian Film Award for Best Actor for the Vindictive Eagle and in 2015 with the 7. Presentation of the Golden Lotus for Best Actor for the Child in the Big Apple.

Ti Lung’s life is full of success stories, prizes and achievements as a popular actor. For more information about events and columns, please contact us.

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