The Japanese citizen Toshimi Murakami is known as the wife of the Swedish actor Peter Stormar. Her husband is known for his roles in the films Prison Break and Lost World:. Jurassic Park.

Murakami was born in Japan. She also has Japanese nationality and is of Asian descent.

Toshimi Stormor married to ten years

Toshimi Stormare tied a knot with her famous husband, Peter Stormare, in 2008. They told me I was attending a private ceremony with my family and friends.


Toshimi Stormor and Peter on Event

Pigeons always like to live in low positions, so they have kept every detail of their love life to themselves. Moreover, they rarely appear together in public.

Proud parents of daughter

Soul mates have a child together, a girl at 9. May 2009. They called their child Kaya Bella Luna Stormare.


Toshimi Stormare with her husband Peter and her child on the street.
Source: Zimbio

Toshimi and her husband also protect their child from the limelight. Right now there’s a family of four living in Los Angeles.

With Kaya Peter is also the father of the child Kelly Stormare, born in March 1989. She’s 30 years old since 2019.

Toshimi’s wife, Peter, married twice

Before Stormar Peter started his married life in 1989 with his first wife, Karen Sillas. As for Karen, she’s an actress by profession.

An ex-pear even shared a child, Kelly. They also had a good life together until 2006, when they decided to get divorced.

Shareholders’ equity

Toshimi Stormare shares with her husband Peter net assets of $5 million , less than Carlo Imperato. Peter’s main source of income is his acting career.

Until then, the versatile actor had appeared in numerous films and series, including a huge box-office collection. Some of them:

Films Year Budget collection of funds
Alarm Clock 1990 $29 million 52.1 million
Fargo 1996 7 million $60.6 million
Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997 $73 million 618.6 million
Hansel and Gretel: Witch-hunters 2013 $50 million 226.3 million

Among his best-known works are Prison Break, where he worked as John Abruzzi. He also starred in a film with Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callis and others.

Peter Rose is known as actor

Like most actors, including Bryton James, Stormor began his career in small roles. He made his film debut in 1979 as a prisoner in the film Lyflet. She also made her television debut in 1984 in Träpatronerna.

The star broke through in 1996 with the film Fargo . He worked on the film with Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freemanand Ellison Tolman. Other famous works are The God Who Plays, Dancers in the Dark, Constantineand Before Dawn.

Since 2019 he has appeared in two films, including Pink Poison and 6 Subway. In addition, the latest LA series is available from Vegas and Castlevania.

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