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Have you ever wondered where Valentino Rossi came from? Where was he born? Who did he grow up with? And how did he become a unique motorcycle legend? NO? If you said NO, then this article is the perfect place to learn all about Valentino Rossi. And if you said yes, then you’re damn sure you don’t know what will be revealed in these articles. So let’s get started.

Who is Valentino Rossi?

Valentino Rossi is one of the most talented and successful international motorcycle riders the world has ever known.

In case you don’t know, he has a very strong passion for racing. And his love for racing earned him the world title at the age of eighteen. Yes, eighteen! !!

After winning this title, he became even more obsessed with his racing and began to set and break one record after another. Logically, he wanted to become a legendary world-class motorcycle racer.

The legendary rider was born on February 16, 1979 and is now 34 years old. At that age he became MotoGP World Champion several times and Grand Prix World Champion nine times. Of these nine championships, seven are in Class 1.

After moving to the premier class, he won the 500cc World Championship, the Suzuki 8-hour race and the MotoGP World Championship.

In fact, he won the MotoGP World Championship in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, a series that continued uninterrupted for 4 years! But in 2006 he lost this race after an accident in the final.

Yet he is the only driver on the planet who dares to run 400 Grand Prix or more.

He always races number 46. Some say that number is so lucky that he wins every race he enters.

Biography of Valentino Rossi: age, beginning of life, siblings, parents.

This phenomenal motorcycle racer was born on February 16, 1979. He grew up with his parents in Urbino, Marche, Italy, with two other siblings.

He was raised by his mother, Stefania Rossi, and his father, Graziano Rossi. But when he was younger, his parents divorced.

Valentino Rossi’s father was an Italian, a former Italian Grand Prix motorcycle rider. And thanks to his father, he started riding motorcycles at a very young age.

As a child, his mother did not allow him to ride a bicycle. His mother wanted to protect him from injury. So instead of a motorcycle, he took a go-kart.

Details of Valentino Rossi’s career

When he was five years old, his 60cc go-kart was replaced by a 100cc go-kart. Then in 1990 he took the wheel of a 100cc kart and won the local karting championship.

Then, in 1991, he gained more experience in karting. He was now ready to participate in the national karting championship in Parma. But at the national championship, he finished in fifth place.

Then, in 1993, the father decided to give his son a road bike. So the father turned to his racing friend Claudio Lusardi, who heads the Cagiva sports production team. He gave Rossi a Cagiva Mito 125cc motorcycle.

Then, in 1994, Rossi competed in the 125cc KC championship on a motorcycle named Sandroni. This motorcycle was built by Guido Mancini, a rider and mechanic who had worked with Loris Capirossi in the past.

Then, in 1995, Rossi won the Italian 125cc Championship. The same year, he won the 125cc European Championship, finishing third.

After winning the Italian 125cc Championship and the European 125cc Championship in 1995, he decided to enter the World Championship. Then he participated in the 1996 Malaysian Grand Prix. In this championship, he finished 9th.

Two years later he won the 125cc Aprilia World Championship, becoming the youngest rider to win the championship.

In 1998, he won the 250cc World Championship and finished second. A year later, he won the 250cc World Championship and finished first.

After finishing first in the 250cc world championship, he approached Honda to race in the 500cc class. He was then coached by one of the 500cc world champions, Michael Doohan. After Michael’s mentorship, Rossi finished second in the championship later in the year.

In 2001, Rossi again competed in the 500cc World Championship. In addition to placing second, he finished first and won the championship, just like the year before.

In 2004, Rossi formed a team with Yamaha. Then he participated in the South African Grand Prix that opened the season. He won this championship and became the first rider to win two consecutive championships in the highest class.

This first season was followed by 16 others, and in those 16 seasons, Rossi won 9 world championships.

As in 2004, Rossi won 11 races and became world champion again.
In 2006, however, he finished second and his unbroken streak was interrupted.

2007 seems to be the most difficult year for Rossi so far. He has only been able to win four races. On the other hand, he injured himself in one of the following races.

After a disappointing year, 2008, our hero returned at full speed. He won nine of the toughest races and took the MotoGP title.

In 2010 he was injured again during a training session in Mugello. As a result of this injury, he finished third in the championship.

In 2011, Rossi left his Yamaha sponsorship and switched to Ducati. But in 2012 he announced that he would return to Yamaha.

Valentino Rossi’s personal life, his story and the details of his marriage

Rossi is very much in his own right. He doesn’t share his privacy online. So it’s very difficult to know anything about him personally.

But looking back on his career, it appears that Rossi has had relationships with 8 women.

His first appointment at Martina Stella in 2002 lasted three years. And after that he seems to have been linked to Maddalena Corvaglia in 2005, Arianna Matteuzzi, Linda Morselli, Elisabetta Canalis, Mandala Taide, Aura Rolenzetti.

After meeting these women, he fell in love with Italian lingerie model Francesca Sophia Novello.

Rossi first met Francesca in Moto GP at Monza in northern Italy.

He has been dating Francesca since 2017. And now it seems they have a plan to get married.

Cars and houses of Valentino Rossi

This phenomenal race car driver had an $11 million mansion in Urbino, Italy. And he has an $85 million luxury private investment.

He owns super-fast sports cars like the Ferrari 458 and the BMW M3. But he also owns a large collection of Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini. He also owns a personal yacht, the 56.

Net worth and salary of Valentino Rossi

Rossi is one of the highest paid sports personalities on the planet. He has an annual salary of $10 million and a net worth of $140 million.

And he makes a lot of money from advertising contracts. For example, Monster Energy Drink, Rossi’s sponsor, $3.2 million. So he gets huge amounts of money from brands like Yamaha, Oakley, Bridgestone, etc.

About Valentino Rossi

Real name: Valentino Rossi.

Father: Graziano Rossi

Mother: Stefania Rossi

Net Worth: $12 million

Nationality: Italian

Ethnicity: White

Girls: Canal Elizabeth

Date of birth: February 16, 1979

Nationality: Italian

Age: 41,

Sign of the Sun: Aquarius

Born in : Tavullia, Italy.

Known as: The Italian motorcyclist

Height: 6

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