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When Nicholas Castellanos made his debut in the MLB (High League Baseball League) on 1. September 2013,for the Detroit Tigershe attracted a lot of attention. The player of MLB became father for his first game, which made his game something special.

Many fans want to know more about their players, especially about their privacy. When he became the father of his newborn son, Liam Castellanosa, certain details of his relationship were revealed. Are you also someone who wants to know more about their status in a relationship? If so, you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

He is married to his old friend.

Nicholas and Vanessa Hernandez were high school students. Before Nick was called to school in 2010, he asked Vanessa out on a date. The couple started dating shortly after, and their bond grew stronger every day.

Detroit Sportmat

Figure: Nicolas Castellanos (left) with his ex-wife Vanessa Hernandez (right).
Source: Detroit Sportmat

After four years of presence, the couple expanded their family from two to three. Vanessa gave birth to Liam in August 2013, after which Nicolas started with MLB . Nikolai proposed to his wife in 2015 and exchanged his marriage vows in an intimate ceremony.


Vanessa walked down the aisle in front of family and friends to marry her former lover. The wedding ceremony ended in a very personal way because there are no details about the wedding.

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Hernandez and Castellanos are also very private in their social networks. Nick opened his account at Instagram in 2016, while Vanessa’s official account is currently unavailable. If their love grows every time, you wouldn’t even think the couple had problems in their marriage, would you?

End of relationship

Only one year after their marriage, in 2016, the duo decided to divorce. Despite the fact that their married life was beautiful from the outside, the couple had to face a certain bitterness in a relationship.

Instagram @nicholascastellanos9

Photo: Nikolai Kastellanos (left) and his son Liam Kastellanos (right).
Source: Instagram @nicholascastellanos9

In 2016, the couple filed for divorce, but both have remained silent on the matter. Little is known about Vanessa at the moment, but the duo is partly responsible for the upbringing of Liam. Furthermore, no details of the divorce proceedings will be disclosed.

What is new in the life of Sinterklaas?

Castellanos became more online after the divorce. From that moment on, Nicholas distanced himself from his past. He found love again in Jess Gomez. There’s no specific time the couple started dating.

According to Nicholas Instagram’s page, the duo probably started their romance in 2017, almost a year after their breakup with Vanessa. Jess is a private person, and we can tell from her social media account, that’s private.

Instagram @nicholascastellanos9

Frame: Jess Gomez (left) and Nicolas Castellanos (right).
Source: Instagram @nicholascastellanos9

On the other hand, Vanessa fell completely off the radar after the fork. She’ll have to start dating again, but we can’t be sure yet. It also does not participate in social networks, which makes it difficult to obtain information about the current state of its relationships.

Not only in his private life but also in his professional life Nicholas went from Detroit Tigers to Chicago Cubs. He arrived on the 31st. July 2019 at the Cubs. With each game, Castellanos improves, grows and thrives to reach the heights of other successful baseball players, such as Chris Show, Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez,and Pat Kelly, to name a few.

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