Vice President Dr Mahamoudou Bavoumiya concluded his two-day trip to the northwest with an appeal to Ghanaians to extend the term of office of the government headed by Akoufo Addo.

In his opinion, the NPP government has a solid base in all economic sectors and it will take another four years before this becomes a reality.

Among the achievements of the government during his first term of office, Dr Bavumiya described the creation of six new regions, including the Western North region, the introduction of the allowance for teachers and carers, the reintroduction of the allowance for Islamic teachers, the restructuring of the cocoa sector through the introduction of cocoa rehabilitation programmes.

During the two-day trip, the vice president visited the construction works on the Benchema-Barrière-Ajafuo road and commissioned a number of projects, including a conference room of the Bibiani Health College and the College of Allied Sciences.

At all the locations visited, the Vice President was greeted by enthusiastic supporters of the nuclear power plant who gave him a warm welcome.

In his address to the individual Supreme and People’s Courts in Akatiso, Debeiso, Yaumatwe and Adabokrom in the Bia West and Bia East districts, Dr Bawumia called on the people to extend the mandate of the New Patriotic Party (PNP) to congratulate President Akoufou-Addo and the PNP on the creation of the Northwest Region.

He explained that the next government of the nuclear power plant will ensure that students will no longer have to rely on guarantors to apply for a student loan, but will only need their national identity card.

Mr Kingsley Aboagie Gede, Regional Minister for the West/North Region, in turn said that people were forced to vote for the NPP because Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP had done what successive governments had been unable to do for more than 42 years.

The Upper West region remained loyal to the NDC because former president Rawlings created this region for them. Let us also vote in favour of the nuclear power plant in recognition of the establishment of the North-West region.

Alhaji Fuseini Yakubu, spokesman for Chief Imam Bia West, praised the Vice President’s role in bringing seven Muslims from the district to Mecca, which had never happened before in the district’s history.

The leader of Sefvi Debeiso, Nana Kofi Asumani II, said that the people of the NPP government will forever be grateful for the establishment of the North West Region, the free high school, the construction of the Debeiso Oseykookrom road and free meals for school children, as well as the restoration of the former cocoa farms in the region.

Nana Asumani therefore called on the government to transform the new Debeizo District Court into a court of law, because it was not safe for the police to bring criminals to the Bibiani District Court for trial.

He also thanked Mr Augustine Blaeu, Executive Secretary of the Vice President, for the support of the Iron Plates Community in completing the construction of the school district of Debeizo High School, which has been abandoned since 2008, and called on the Government to ensure the completion of other abandoned projects at the school.

He called for peace before, during and after the December elections.

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