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Professor Emmanuel Jaovi Hannuor Bobobby, candidate for the NCP vice-presidency in 2020, called on Ghanaians to support the party and vote to save our beautiful nation.

The CPP as a nationalist party has the whole country as a stronghold, Ghana is now fragmented to serve the political interests of the New Patriotic Party (PNP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the CPP Osadiofo Dr. Nkruma has to stand up to rule the country.

The Great Nkrum Party will once again be the dominant political force in this 2020 election to save and deepen the participation of all Ghanaians in sustainable national development, said Prof. Bobby for the Nkrum Party’s manifesto for the 2020 election.

The PPC Manifesto is highlighted: Restoring Ghana’s trust in the government by restoring confidence in the government highlights the challenges of finding collective solutions.

A candidate for the position of vice president of the checkpoint said: We all witnessed what the twin brothers, the NPP and the NDC, did under the Fourth Republic.

If one compares their collective performance over the past 28 years (1993-2020) with what the checkpoint has achieved in nine years (1957-1966) under the First Republic, it becomes clear that Ghanaians can trust the checkpoint better than any other political party in terms of national development, cohesion, security, work and happiness.

According to him, the Ghanaians will be in the country on the 7th. The CCP called in December for the return of power to the party of its choice after voting for its leaders in presidential and parliamentary elections; voters are expected to vote massively for the CCP to save Ghana.

Nana Freemomaa Sarpong Kumankuma, president of the CEC, said the elections were an opportunity for voters to express their expectations in their manifestos within the different political parties.

As Crusaders, we believe that Ghanaians pay for their leaders when they pay taxes to govern the state and that what the state provides is not some kind of charity.

In exchange for the votes and taxes the citizens give, they expect the state to deliver the promises made in its manifesto with clear results, service and confidence, she said.

Manifesto CPT-2020 indicates what he would do if he were in power and is based on what the Ghanaians have said about what they expect from the state.

The CPP, the political vanguard of the Ghanaian masses, firmly believes that by working together and working with different groups, individuals and organizations, we enable citizens to find solutions to our country’s problems.

According to the CPT, only the party, in cooperation with the masses, will find lasting solutions to the problems facing our beloved country – despair due to high youth and worker unemployment, insecurity, corruption and a lack of accountability and transparency in governance.

The President of the CPT stressed that if elected under the leadership of Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, the main task of the CPT would be to help Ghana move towards a more unified, stable, fair and accountable governance, ensuring accountability and transparency.

The CAT government would provide clarity and precision as to how the three branches of the government would operate under the 1992 Constitution.

CAT is committed to fighting and exposing nepotism, ethnicity and nepotism and, under the leadership of Mr. Greenstreet as president, to visionary leadership for the economic and social transformation of Ghana based on the Nkrucism ideology – self-determination and independence, social justice and pan-Africanism.

CAT expresses its deep gratitude to the party’s supporters, traders, workers, artisans, trade unions, women/generational groups and a number of progressive interest groups and partners whose contributions have enriched the content of the Manifesto.

Nana Kumankuma therefore called on the voters to vote in 7th place. I hope to take a bold step in December and vote for the PNC presidential candidate, Mr Greenstreet, and the PNC parliamentary candidates to form the next government to save the Ganzers from the failure of the PNP and the NDC.

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