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Mega building

Most of you may know the American singer John Mellencamp. But few of you know his wife, Victoria Granucci, who stayed out of the limelight even after contact with a very famous television personality.

The star was born on the 26th. November 1958, born in the United States of America She is an American citizen of white descent. Victoria started her acting career before she even married John. Their credits includeHappy Days, Fantasy Island, Charlie Angels, Chips, Love Boat and , Grease Oil and others.

Victoria and John met through their mutual friend.

Victoria and John Mellencamp are the same as many other stars who have a wonderful love life but have not been able to spend their whole lives together. But they also have a very similar love life, which many divorced couples do not have with each other.

Star Tatler

Figure: Victoria Granucci with family.
Source: Star Tatler

For Mellencamp it was love at first sight when he fell in love with her, just as he looked at her picture in his girlfriend’s house. Then he insisted his friend invite him home. So the couple first met at their girlfriend’s. Mellencamp was reportedly still married to his first wife, Priscilla Estherline.

After the first meeting the duo started to meet each other and shortly after that they started to take each other seriously. John then divorced Priscilla in 1981 to marry Victoria.

Only the richest.

Photo: Victoria Granucci with her ex-husband and children.
Source: Just the richest

Victoria’s marriage to the singer also reached a new climax. A couple moved to Indiana after knotting in 1981.

Granucci was also in a music video of Jack and Diana’s song with her husband on stage. The filming attracted huge fans all over America on behalf of Victoria.

They have two children in common

The couple lived together and also welcomed their first child, Teddy Joe Mellencamp, together in July 1981. The eldest daughter is a health and wellness trainer who became famous after her performance in RHOBH (Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills).

As for her private life, she was married in 2011 Edwin Arroyava . Teddy’s a mother of three now.

Internal marriages

Figure: Victoria Granucci’s daughter during her marriage to her family.
Source: Internal marriages

After four years of marriage with her daughter Victoria gave birth in 1985 to a second child named Justis Joe Mellencamp . His second child is also married. She and her husband, Michael Moore, are the parents of two children.

Victoria separates John into.

A lot of people thought the couple was doing well. But her love life became sour a few years later and her marriage became a colossal disaster. Rumors of John’s infidelity have given a family of four a sock.

Granucci divorced John in 1989 and Mellencamp married Elaine Irwin, with whom he has two children, Had Mellencamp and Speck Mellencamp. Now John is engaged to the American actress and producer Meg Ryan.

Net balance and salary

As soon as she got divorced, Victoria started living a very private life. At present, its net worth is not disclosed, but many sources claim it to be in excess of $1 million.

Mega building

Frame: John Mellencamp’s house.
Source: Mega construction projects

On the other hand, her ex-husband is one of the richest in the entertainment industry. The assets amount to approximately $25 million. After the divorce, she could receive part of the net assets.

Victoria uses the wealth of her former partner. As for his daughter Teddy, she has total assets of $12 million. She earns money for her career in fitness and television.

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