Schoenberger and her husband, Mick Mars.

Who is Serena Schoenenberger?

Sleep is a sequence of emotions, ideas and thoughts that normally occur in our consciousness when we sleep. This also happens when our wishes and desires are suppressed. Seraine Schonenberger – The woman we are going to talk about, who wanted to become a model from an early age.

Seraine Schoenenberger is a Swiss model. She was also a member of Miss Zurich. Schoenberger is known for his relationship with the American songwriter and musician Mick Mars. Mick is Motley Crue’s lead guitarist.

Seraine Schoenenberger was born on the 4th. Born October 1984, , in Zurich, Switzerland. She was born from Swiss parents, has the Caucasian and Swiss nationality. In fact, there is no information about their family environment. She grew up with her sister Lina Schoenenberger.

Seraina and her sister Lina.

A picture: Seraina and her sister Lina.

As far as her education is concerned, Serayna must have finished high school and university, but the details are not yet known.

Schoenberger started his career in several local magazines. Later she participated in the Miss Zurich contest, which brought her great fame. Since then Seraina has been posing for luxury brands such as magazines and Swiss brands.

Sarajina's career

Photo: Serayana’s career

Seraina became more famous after she met Mick Mars, musician and lead guitarist of rock band Motley Crue. He is also popular as a songwriter, with tapes such as Machina and Crashdiet.

Knowledge and relationship with Sereina Schoenenberger

Thirty-four-year-old model, married to Mick Mars. Her husband is a guitarist with Motley Crue. Nearly six years of marriage are over and she’s still strong.

The couple met at a Motley Crue concert in 2007. Soon they fell in love and started dating. In 2013 Schönenenberger announced that they would get married.

Schoenberger and her husband, Mick Mars.

A picture: Schoenberger and her husband, Mick Mars.

In addition, Mars married Sharon Deal (ex-wife) in 1970 . However, the couple could not live longer than three years and was divorced in 1973.

From now on Seraine and Mick are happy together. Schoenberger often travels with tours and promotions of the Mars Group. The couple currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, because Seraina left her hometown of Zurich after the wedding.

Moreover, the spouses have no children together and so far no rumours or disputes have been reported.

How much does Seraina Schoenenberger cost?

Seraina Schoenenbergerv has a decent salary, which she receives for her modelling career. It has been published in many popular Swiss magazines. She’s also the winner of the Miss Zurichcontest.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of the Swiss model is $ 140 898 per year. So we can assume that the Serayans will be paid in large numbers. In addition, Mr Schoenenberger actively advocates well-paid support. As of 2019, Seraina, the total net capital is estimated at .500,000, which is quite similar to the American model Sunshine Deia , whose net capital would be higher than .500,000.

On the other hand, Schoenenberger’s wife, Mars, has an amazing $70 million at her disposal. Mick has managed to save so much money for his career as a guitarist and co-founder of Motley Crue.

Seraina Schonenberger Age and measurements (height, weight)

The famous Swiss model is very concerned about the shape of his body. It costs 1.79 meters, a little more than the other American model Aja Dang with a height of 1.79 meters. Seraina weighs about 60 kg. Schönenberger turns 34 years old in 2019.




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