Below you will find the dimensions of the basketball court of the high school and the dimensions used for the high school and youth competitions.

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When James Naismith invented basketball, his original 13 lines didn’t even mention the size of the court.

In fact, the game was played almost anywhere where there was enough room for up to 80 players to play at the same time!

The early rules of the system made it possible to have up to 40 players on the field. Can you imagine?

Currently the standard size of the basketball court is a rectangle of 94 by 50 feet.

However, the size of the courts for secondary school, youth classes and the youth competition is somewhat smaller.

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Junior High School and Size
High School Basketball Court

Processing room High School High School
Length of ship 84′ 74′
Vessel width 50′ 42′
Edge height 10′ 10′
Diameter of the central circle 12′ 12′
Three-part line 19′ 9 19′ 9
Width of key 12′ 12′
Free throw line
15′ 15′

Dimensions of high school basketball court
Dimensions of high school basketball court

Size of half-basketball court Size of half-basketball court

Length of the track = 42′.

Field width = 50′.

All other dimensions correspond to a complete process.

High School Basketball Field Dimensions
Basketball Shield Dimensions

  • 72 wide and 42 high
  • Interior rectangle 24 widths in 18 heights
  • The height of the edge is 3 meters above the ground.
  • Rim diameter 18

Youth basketball court size

Construction site jobs

The rules of youth basketball do not have an official size for a basketball court, but, if possible, generally follow the guidelines of high schools and youth schools. For competitions and youth camps, the size of the course often depends on the available facilities.

We didn’t have room for the youth basketball camps I organized in my church during the summer.

For example, we transformed our multifunctional facility into an improvised gym with a small skirting board.

The size of the basketball court had to be changed so that, for safety reasons, each sideline would have at least a few metres and the throw-in would be controlled.

For small children and beginners the small course works very well in my opinion, because as the course gets bigger, fatigue becomes a factor in the game. For young players, the small size of the course allows them to concentrate more on the game instead of wasting time and energy through a huge transition zone.

Rim height

The height of the edges at youth basketball matches can reach a standard height of 3 meters for the youngest (usually up to 8 years).

3-digit line

Many junior basketball leagues don’t have a 3-point line. I like it, because when children learn to shoot for the first time, it’s important that they shoot close to the basket so they can concentrate on good shooting. For the higher primary school a standard 3-point middle line is used.

Free throw line

The free throw line for players aged 10 years and older is generally the standard 15-foot line. In youth leagues, however, the gender of young players is often marked about two metres closer to the basket.

Backyard Basketball field Dimensions

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a gym if we want to shoot. If you’re lucky, you may have access to a local court with real leeway, but you’ll probably be on the right track.

When I was a kid, our basketball court was on a winding road down. Each of my shots was a unique experience and I remember chasing a lot of balls down the hill! I was jealous of the street neighbors who had their own basketball court in the backyard.

Few backyards are big enough to fill an entire 84′ x 50′ square. Sometimes families have enough room for half a meal. But most of them do it because of the size of their driveway.

If you want to create your own garden on the driveway or in the backyard, see the following paragraphs:

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