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By Brian Sicknick wiki, bio and biographer A U.S. Capitol police officer died Thursday after being injured in a pro-Tromp quarrel. Siknick was injured in a physical confrontation with rioters, the U.S. Capitol Police Department said in a statement. He died on the 7th. January at 9.30 p.m.

According to Siknick’s Twitter account, this suggests that he was a supporter of Donald Trump; the cover photo shows Trump’s plane. The account is temporarily blocked due to unusual activities. On Facebook there is a cover photo of him with an American flag.

The officer has been identified as Brian D. Siknick, the youngest of three brothers who grew up in South River, N.J.


Brian Siknick was 42 years old.


He is an army veteran who served on Capitol Hill for 12 years, Don Beyer in a statement, adding that Siknick was one of his constituents. Siknick has recently been assigned to the Capitol Police First Responder Unit. According to the Capitol Police, he is only the fifth member of the Capitol Police to die in the course of his duties. The last death took place in 2014.

Siknick was also a former member of the Air National Guard who served in Operations Desert Shield and Enduring Freedom. Siknick was originally from New Jersey and lived in Springfield, Virginia.

After leaving the army, he became a policeman. Siknick wrote a dozen letters to the editors of the Central New Jersey Home News between 1998 and 2005. In 2000 he wrote: The National Guard and the Reserves are under greater pressure than ever before due to the drastic downsizing of the armed forces.

I understand this can cause difficulties for employers, he wrote. There are still a few employers in New Jersey who make life difficult for guards and reservists when called upon to serve.

He said these employers must begin to understand that reservists make up more than 50% of the military. They should be relieving those men and women. In order to preserve the freedoms we enjoy so much, we must rely on caveats.

Demonstration by supporters of the FTA

According to a statement by the Capitol Police, Siknick responded on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, while on duty during a disturbance in the American Capitol and was injured in a physical confrontation with members of a crowd of Trump fans who stormed the building. He went back to the department and collapsed, the department said. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The ministry wrote, among other things, that he was injured during physical contact with demonstrators.

This video of the Capitol building on TikTok is incredibly different from what I saw on

– Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) 7. January 2021

According to the Capitol Hill Police, Siknick’s death will be investigated by the homicide unit of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, Capitol Hill Police and federal partners.

Brian Siknic Cause of death

A U.S. Capitol police officer died Thursday after being injured in a riot in support of Trump, the fifth person to die in connection with the attack on the Capitol building on Wednesday. On Wednesday, three people died in an emergency on the grounds of Capitol Hill, and a woman was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer.

On Thursday night, Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Siknick succumbed to his injuries. The officials stated that he took up his duties in July 2008 and that he was a member of the first responder section of the section.

He was a good officer, but he was also very nice, said Ricci, who is now the spokesman for the Governor of Maryland. Larry Hogan. He was exactly what you wanted at the door when so many people showed up.

Ricci remembers Siknick’s sense of humor. He was funny, he said. I remember an officer having a political or sporting debate…. and he was a bit of a meat grinder.

Brian Siknick Facebook

Messages visible on Sicknick’s private Facebook page include American flags and patriotic themes. A 1998 article in the New Jersey Home News Central indicated that the aviator at the time, Brian D. Siknick, was the son of Charles and Gladys Siknick of South River. At the time, he was a safety apprentice assigned to 108 Air Force Wing refueling at McGuire Air Force Base, the graduate said. He graduated from Middlesex County Vocational School in eastern New Brunswick in 1997.

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