Who is the ex-wife of John Mellencamp, Victoria Granucci Married To? Know the status of her current relationship

Verena King is an American publicist and leader. She is known as the chairman and founder of King Social, LLC, and Verena Public King Relation.

Many of Verena’s talents were born in the United States of America. If you look at his picture, King probably lives in his 30s and 40s. Her ethnic background is white and she’s an American citizen. The first one. February 2016 Verena publishes a picture of her father, which shows that 18 years ago I lost a loved one on this planet. He will stay in my heart forever. I love you, Daddy.

Vera married life

In January 2013 a well-known publicist came together for the first time with Bruce Boxleitner . Shortly after the meeting, the couple fell in love and started dating.

Three years after that date, the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship. Then the pigeons were buried in February 2016.

Who is the ex-wife of John Mellencamp, Victoria Granucci Married To? Know the status of her current relationship

Figure: Verena and her husband, Bruce.

Months after the engagement, the two lovebirds finally exchanged loved ones on the 5th day. October 2016. The wedding ceremony took place behind closed doors in Oahu, Hawaii.

Verena is not the first wife of Bruce Boxlater.

Although Bruce is Verena’s first husband, she’s not Boxleitner’s first partner. He first married Katherine Holcomb (1977-1987) and they have two children: Lee boxersand Sam boxers.

After the divorce, Holcomb began a relationship with the American actor Ian Ogilvy. Meanwhile, in 1995, Bruce tied the knot with Melissa Gilbert (second man). Then the couple shares the child, Michael Boxleitner.

Who is the ex-wife of John Mellencamp, Victoria Granucci Married To? Know the status of her current relationship

Photo: Bruce and his second partner Melissa.
Source: Share percentage

The same is repeated by the fact that the couple got married on the 1st day. March 2011 has decided to divorce.

Net value in millions

She is the founder and chairman of King Social, LLC, and Verena King PR, which makes a lot of money every year. King also earns a lot of money every year from media marketing.

Verena’s net worth is approximately million. According to some sources, the average salary of a U.S. publicist ranges from $ $52,000 to $ $102,000.

As for his wife, Bruce, she has a total estate of 3 million. His acting career is his main source of income.

from ballet dancer to founder of King of Verena PR

King has always been interested in dance, that’s why she started dancing modern and ballet at the age of six. At the age of nineteen Verene injured her back and had to give up her dancing career.

That injury was a turning point in his life. The famous woman started her career at KSNE-FM as a commercial assistant, where she worked for five years and was promoted to the position of Marketing and Advertising Director of KSNE-FM. She also founded her own media advertising company, King Sozel LLC, in 2015. The company focuses on communication for small businesses and businesses.

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