In March 2018, Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff announced that she would marry her old friend Jonathan Swan. According to the announcement, the big day for this pair last month came in September 2019.

Woodruff and Swan have been together for a long time, but the couple like to keep their private lives away from the eyes of their fans. Would you like to know more about his private life and his marriage? Then come with us to find out more.

Commitment announcement

Although Woodruff kept her private life a secret, she couldn’t hide her happiness from her engagement to her lover. Jonathan and Betsy have been together for some time now, and last year, in March 2018, he asked a big question.

Figure: Betsy Woodruff (left) shows an engagement ring next to her then fiancé, Jonathan Swan (right).
Source: Facebook @ Betsy Woodruff

Neither Betsy nor Swan came to talk about their meeting and their love, but the political journalist talked about his big day.

On her Facebook page Betsy posted a photo showing her wedding ring to her followers. On the picture Swan is kissing her cheek and you can see how happy she is when she shows her beautiful ring.

Betsy walked down the aisle to.

Few details are provided by a couple or their loved ones on the day of their grand departure. The couple kept the wedding ceremony a secret from their fans.

Empty line

Photo: Jonathan Swan (left) and Betsy Woodruff (right).
Source: Main line

But Betsy gave the fans at 20. June 2018 through her Facebook some clues when she asked her friends and fans to suggest a good alliance. In the post she also suggested that a couple from the DS/Nova region could get married.

Although the couple hasn’t announced it yet, many online tabloids believe the duo will meet on November 14th. September 2019 took the march to the altar. The wedding ceremony certainly took place in an intimate setting, as no details were announced at the time. Judging by the way weddings have been celebrated recently, the couple can enjoy their honeymoon in a romantic setting.

Are you planning on having a child?

Both are in their thirties, so the couple may be considering adding a new member to their family. Many fans of a couple are happy with their decision to marry and are now waiting for good news about the child.

At this moment the couple does not provide detailed information on this subject. While surfing on his Facebook we also discovered that he is the godfather of a child whose identity is not yet known.

After his marriage, Jonathan is in the process of acquiring American citizenship as he originally comes from Australia.

Confusion over the identity of Betsy’s parents

Because of their last name, many people have mistaken the identity of their parents. Many of her fans think that Betsy is the famous daughter of American journalist Judy Woodruff and journalist Al Hunt, which is not true.

Hollywood mask

Frame: Jane Tarp Woodruff (right) and Scott Woodruff (left) are the real parents of Betsy Woodruff.
Source: Hollywood mask

Both Betsy and Judy have confirmed that the rumors about their social networks are completely false. Betsy, born 31. October 1989, is the daughter of Jane Tarp Woodruff and Scott Woodruff. Besides her, the Daily Beast reporter also has a brother, Chris Woodruff, and a sister, Jane Woodruff.

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