Famous couples bring a lot of positive inspiration and passion into their relationships. Even a little chat will make us think about what’s happening in their lives. But what happens when people see their idols breaking their hearts? Today we present the most interesting couple in the history of television.

Erin Lim, a beautiful television personality, and Lamorn Morris, an actor, made headlines in 2016. Lim is the owner of The Rundown on E! News while Morris is known for his role in the sitcom Fox, New Girl.

Who is she dating right now?

E ! The press correspondent is currently linked to graphic designer Joshua Rhodes. If we take a look at Lima’s Instagram, we can see their photos together by visiting different places.

Figure: Erin Lim and her partner Joshua Rhodes.
Source: Instagram @officially

There is no exact record of when they started dating, but pictures show that they started dating in 2019. By surfing Lima’s social networks, the first two photos were uploaded together in July 2019.

Erin Lim dated Lamorn Morris from 2016.

Lim is known for its connection to E !. Messages as caller. Among his remarkable works is the moderation of the popular Snapchat series titled The Rundown. The sexy TV presenter soon got a big audience.

Instagram @officially

Figure: Erin Lim and Lamorn Morris.
Source: Instagram @officially

When she announced her relationship with actor Lamorn Morris in 2017, fans were crazy to hear about her.

In the year July 2016,Lim and Morris exchanged an intimate image on their social networks without revealing their status. A year later, however, the couple publicly announced their love affair. They even attended the Emmy Awards ceremony in September 2017.

How did Erin Lim and Lamorn Morris meet?

Erin Lim, 29, and Morris, 36, lay low in their first race in 2016. There are no details about Lima’s previous cases, but Morris has actually signed up for online meetings in 2015.

Morris revealed through social reports that he was looking for a girl. That’s why the online dating application brought them together.

Wedding rumors

In 2018, online rumors circulated about Erin’s secret marriage to Morris. She uploaded a picture of them on her Instagram where they are on holiday together in France. But later she erased that picture.

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Photo: Television anchor Erin Lim and actor Lamorn Morris.
Source: Share percentage

Lim and Morris attended the Cannes Film Festival as a married couple. So people assumed they’d already made the decision. But because the rumors are false, they’re not married at the moment.

Did they break up?

Like we said, Lim and Morris aren’t married. So you guys are still seeing each other? Well, no couple of boyfriends broke up. There are several possible events indicating that Lim broke up with Morris. The important thing is Lim, who has a relationship with Rhodes.

Instagram @officially

Frame: Erin Lim and Morris enjoy their time.
Source: Instagram @officially

Erin, for example, deleted her holiday photos, and she rarely shows up with Morris. In addition, in September 2019, in the year , there was the message that Lim and his partner have been living separately for three years.

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