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Biography of a married man

Wanda Hutchins’ marriage to Michael Strachan in the 1990s is considered one of the most prestigious weddings. The couple exchanged marriage vows at a wedding in Europe where they were accompanied by their relatives.

However, their marriage didn’t last long and their divorce came as a shock to the fans. After the divorce, Michael began to see Jean Magley. What about Hutchins? Does she have an appointment? Let’s look at their status in a relationship.

Who is Wanda’s current partner?

Hutchins, an interior designer, is committed to raising children with ethical values. After she divorced Strachan, she went to work. And because her children also lived with her, she probably couldn’t take time for herself.

Biography of a married man

Figure: Wanda Hutchins (right) with her daughter Tanita Strachan (left).
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Wanda was taken off the radar and only came back to protect her ex-husband in his second divorce. From now until today we know that Wanda is still single. So far she hasn’t found a man to calm her down.

According to a report, Wanda started a relationship with a mysterious man. The personality of the mysterious man is, but from this relationship Hutchins became the mother of Dorian. Besides, Hutchins isn’t involved in a romantic relationship.

Marriage attributed to Wanda and Michael

A beautiful couple went to the altar in Germany in 1992. Their wedding ceremony took place in Europe, which was more like a romantic bridge. Only his good friends, parents and relatives visited him on D-Day.

Apart from these details, the duo said little about their auspicious day. After a romantic honeymoon, the couple returned to the United States to live in their new home. The couple bought a for 163,000 in Houston, where they lived as a couple with two children.

You are parents of two children

Michael and Wanda managed to raise their children. His eldest daughter, Tanita Strahan, , is now at work and has settled in her life.

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Photo: (from left to right) Tanita Strachan, Dorian and Michael Strachan Jr
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Hutchins had the baby of his first couple, Tanita, in 1992, only a year after their marriage. Prior to the divorce, the couple had their second child, Michael Strachan Jr. , in May 1995. The handsome couple eventually got divorced and their children were involved in a custody battle.

Litigation relating to guardianship cases

Fearman and Hutchins knocked on the court’s door to rule on the status of their children. The judge has granted Michael full custody. But because of Strachan’s absence from his children’s lives, they went to live with their mother.

According to Renata Hutchins, Wanda’s mother, Michael is still missing in the lives of her children. She added,

The children never met their father. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. They’re very good children. Michael misses his father. I see him taking pictures out of the box and looking at them when he thinks no one’s looking.

However, Wanda disagrees with her mother’s statements and says Strahan is an ideal father. In an interview with people,Michael shared his side of the story. He said children were very dear to him. He wanted his two children to mingle and merge with his two other children from his second marriage.

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Frame: Michael Strachan’s children are Isabella and Sofia, from his second marriage.
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Since his second marriage with Jean Strachan he became the father of Isabella Strachan and Sofia Strachan. However, the couple divorced in 2006 after seven years of marriage. Jean accused him of physically attacking her and also claimed Strahan was gay.

Wanda saved the face of her ex-husband.

After the dramatic divorce with Gene, Michael’s reputation in the press deteriorated. Then Hutchins kept supporting her ex-husband. She said Gene was a bad woman and Strahan was a very nice guy.

Hutchins also said that Gene wanted Michael’schildren from his first marriage to die. It’s the same way Strachan came out and confessed to Gene’s bad behavior. Meanwhile, Wanda was also talking about her divorce from Michael.


Figure: Michael Strachan (left) and Jean Muggley (right).
Source: HuffPost

Hutchins said they were very young when they made the decision. They were not willing to commit themselves and were therefore divided on the basis of mutual understanding. For the time being they are good friends and often go on family holidays.

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