The history of the country began on the 7th. January 2021, when a member of the opposition, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), becomes President of the Parliament of the Eighth Republic of Ghana.

This is a change from the past, where the candidate of the governing party always won the seat of President of the Parliament.

Mr. Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, born on the 24th. September 1957 in Sombo in the Upper West Region, is elected after an eventful parliamentary session marked by violence.

Legal representation in Ghana dates back to the early 1950s, when the country was a British colony. It was a purely advisory body, with the Governor exercising all legislative and executive powers.

However, since its independence in 1957, there have been many reforms to strengthen the legislation.

The President of Parliament shall be the President of Parliament and shall see to it that all the rules which are before him shall be observed.

The arrival of Alban Bagbin as President of the G8-Parliament reveals a light on the many comings and goings of political observers and the public.

A number of political analysts and loyalists from the registered new Patriotic Parties have expressed the hope that with Speaker Bagbin it will be possible for the Akufo-Addo-formed government to achieve the full extent of its policy and legislation, and ultimately to hinder the effective functioning of the government.

There are other optimists who believe that Bagbin will be in its own right and that it will not be expected from the NDC in the foreseeable future. This time will be the better Richter’s time.

I hear to those who believe that Bagbin will contribute to the wealth of the nation, in view of his 28 years of experience as an ambassador for his waters in Nadolly Caleo in the Upper West Region.

Those of you who have worked closely with me for many years in the legislative process also considered fairness and stability in the decision-making process, and your relationship with both sides of the political divide was reconsidered.

Mr. Bagbin said after his appointment as Speaker of the Republican Host, the rules of Parliament would come into being and the country and the people of Ghana would serve at the best of worlds.

I will faithfully fulfil my duties as President of this Parliament. I am committed to making the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated during my 28 years as a Member of Parliament available to Parliament and to the country, said Mr Baghbin.

I think that the opposition leader, who chairs the parliament together with the president of another party, should be celebrated because he offers a good perspective for the democratic structure of the country and for parliamentary control.

This would be the beginning of a golden age of democracy in the country, fighting corruption and guaranteeing the independence of the legislature.

President Akufo-Addo described Mr Bagbin as a good friend in his inaugural address on Thursday 7 January 2021, congratulated him and assured Ghanaians of his willingness to work with him for the common good of the citizens.

You and I will together open new avenues in the government and politics of the Fourth Republic; for the first time in the life of this Republic, the president of one party will be obliged to work in all sincerity and cooperation with the parliamentary president of another party, according to the needs of the moment and the will of the people.

I am convinced that our relations will be guided by our people’s overriding interest in good political governance, said President Akufo-Addo.

Representatives of different segments of the public expressed different opinions on the election of Mr Bagbin as President of the Parliament of the Eight.

The official, Kwasi Manu, believed that transferring the office of president to a member of the NDC would compensate for the loss of the party’s presidency and force the party to cooperate in parliamentary hearings.

Margaret Cusi, a teacher in vocational education, was convinced that both sides of the political divide would work together to achieve something good for the country.

Moderator Emmanuel Akyin said it is difficult to predict how things will develop at this stage because the NPP and NDC parliamentarians have taken strong positions on issues in Parliament over the years.

Nevertheless, I believe that no matter how the members of the two major parties behave, there will always be a day of reckoning and that they should be guided in all their deliberations by the national interest. Ghanaians watch with eagle eyes!

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