The 5 best indoor basketballs that you can buy right now (2020 UPDATE)

Jumping as high as possible is not an Olympic competition like the 100 meter sprint, and there is no world competition where the best jumpers in the world jump against each other.

Consequently, there is no official register of sports federations or committees.

But we can look at the combination NFL and NBA Draft to get a ball shape. Among them are some of the most talented athletes in the world.

We will compare the records for the standing vertical jump (from a stop), the jogging jump (with a run) and the platform jump (we’ll talk about this later).

1. Vertical: 46 (NFL) 38 (NBA)

These are the main jumping statistics used by the NBA and NFL.

The 5 best indoor basketballs that you can buy right now (2020 UPDATE)

If you’re developing your own leap, you need to measure it to track your progress – here you can learn how to do it at home.

Simply put: Stand here and stand as high as you can, and compare this figure with your vertical range.

Here Brian Jones shows his 44.5-inch helicopter in the NFL 2015 suit. He is considered the best jumper in the history of the NFL Combine, but because of his 147-inch jump, not because of the vertical.

NFL Combined data sets

Anytime: 46.0 – Gerald Sensabo (2005)
Current : 45.0 – Chris Conley (2015), Donald Washington (2009)

Draft NBA documents

Anytime: 38.0 – Dwayne Mitchell (2012), Justin Anderson (2015)
Current : 37.5 – Joel Bolomboy (2016), Dimitri Jackson (2016).

Why do NFL players jump over?

Surprised?Basketball and diving are all those crazy jumps, aren’t they?

Why do NFL competitors jump 8 inches higher than NBA competitors?

Two reasons:

  1. Basketball players are not allowed to jump from to : The height of the edge is always 3 meters. With a 33-34 inch turn in the upright position, you can immerse from stop to 6 feet. Most monkeys have a robbery, which means you always jump higher. After all, players of a very high level (many in the NBA) cannot resist making such an incredible jump.
  2. Football players in categorytrain for explosion risk. Basketball players survive four quarters of a 12-minute intensive match, so they have to train for stamina. For the actors, on the other hand, the emphasis is on activating explosive activities. This gives the NFL player very important statistics about explosions, such as a 40 meter sprint, a 20 meter shuttle and a helicopter jump.

Training programs such as Green Shock are designed to maximize a player’s upright position by training the fast-moving muscle fibres.

2. Vertical effect: 44,5 (NBA) 50+ (NFL)

While standing jump is a measure of pure explosives, jumping during a basketball or football match is more important.

In a jogging jump you have to run for the jump, which increases the energy for an even bigger jump. The better your jumping technique, the more energy you can add to your jump during the run.

The NFL suit doesn’t measure the current peak. I bet they will be much more impressive than the NBA design, because their highest jump in the rankings is better than the highest jump in the NBA design!

Draft NBA documents

Anytime: 44.5 – Kenny Gregory (2001)
Newest 44.0 – Pat Connoton (2015)

Please note that the startup is limited to a few steps. Players can jump even higher if they walk half a square, like the crazy dunks you see on TV.

Here is a video that shows a vertically running jumping paste (also called Max):

The 5 best indoor basketballs that you can buy right now (2020 UPDATE)

Acceleration technology is important for the way you benefit from it.


If we look at the NBA suit, we see that the tip of the player walking is generally 4-9 inches higher than his standing tip. Since the best players in the NFL have a constant vertical of 46, 50-54 are within reach.

PlatformVertical jump : 63.5 (Evan Ungar)

During this jump a person has to jump from a standing position on the platform. The aim is not to place the hand as high as possible, but to maximize the distance between the surface and the legs.

The reason why this number will always be higher than that of a vertical jump while standing or running is because fills your legs during jump.

In 2016, Canada’s Evan Ungar set the Guinness World Record for the vertical jump with 63.5 inches. The previous 60-inch Guinness World Record belonged to Justin Bethel.

Unofficial documents

The Guinness Book of Records does not always contain a real record, as they should see for themselves. Some people have unofficially set higher records. This is Kevin Bunya, 65:

The explosion here is incredible and it would be interesting to see how these guys get up and jump while they’re standing.

What about Kadur Ziani?

Kadur Ziani is a 5’11 Slam Nation Dunk, many believe he has the highest jump in the world at 60 inches. However, this has not been officially confirmed, so it would be fairer to give Evan Ungar an official report and Kevin Bania an unofficial report aged 65.


    • There are 3 types of vertical jumps that are generally tested: Up, run and onto the platform.
    • It is difficult to determine the world record holder on the basis of position and race because there is no official competition such as the Olympic Games where athletes participate in this activity.
    • Contrary to popular belief, NBA players are not the best in their field. In fact, NFL players can jump much higher than they can because of the explosive nature of their training.

Final considerations

Let’s not worry too much about who has what record. All available data enables us to get a global picture of what can be human.

  1. Vertical position : NFL players are some of the most genetically gifted people in the world, but they don’t just train for their vertical jump. A spiral of 47-48 standing is therefore not entirely unrealistic.
  2. Vertical operation : If we look at the NBA jumpsuit, we see that the top of the running player is somewhere between 4 and 9 inches higher than his standing top. Given that the best players in the NFL stand upright at 45-46, I can see them go up to 50-52.
  3. Get off the platform: We’ve seen people doing 60-65 and these people take jumping very seriously, so it’s very close to the theoretical limit.

It is clear that we will probably never see only mortals at this height of. However, this is not necessary. I have a relatively pathetic height of 34 runners, and that doesn’t stop me from diving to a depth of three meters!



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